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Videos of Ross Nickerson playing the Rickard Resophonic Banjo

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in this version I describe a few things about the Rickard Resophonic Banjo and when. This version includes several of the above videos unedited. When I actually played the songs I weaved them together without stopping. If you have the time to watch the whole video this to me is more interesting and spontaneous.

The Rickard Resophonic Banjo

The new Rickard resophonic 5-string resonator banjo is a brilliant design combing the functionality of a 5-string banjo and the beautiful rich tones of a resophonic guitar.

This design is extremely practical, which as a professional musician that will playing this amazing instrument out of my house and on the road is very important. One of the reasons that I believe its practical and will appeal to banjo players is its design is more a "banjo turned resophonic" rather than a "dobro turned in to a banjo" It's rugged and it's feel and design is not a odd feeling leap for any banjo player.

One of its most useful functions is a fully adjustable bridge to set your intonation just like on a normal 5-string banjo.

Bill Rickard also added a Vega style Tubaphone tone ring to the sound chamber which further enhances the combination of sweet tones from the dobro and bright brilliant tones of the banjo that meet in the "sweet spot". Check out some of the videos I made. There will be more coming. I had to send the instrument I used in the videos to the customer the next day so this is what I came up with on the spot.

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Specifications and Parts for the Rickard Resophonic Banjo

Beard Resonator Cone

Figured Maple Neck w/Thumbstop

Brass Spunover Rim with Maple Insert and Tubaphone Tone Ring

Figured Maple Resonator with Maple Binding

Two Piece Brass Flange w/Brass Thumbscrews

Ebony Fretboard

EVO Gold Fretwire

Lollar Firebird Pickup

Piezo Pickup and Pre-amp by Schatten Design

Brass Strap Mounting Brackets

Rickard Deco Style Tailpiece

Machined Brass Control Knobs

Brass Coordinator Rod

Maple Bridge and Biscuit

Two-way Adjustable Truss Rod


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