500 dollar Banjo

500 dollar Banjo

I have a 500 dollar Banjo and I want the tone you get, should I buy a new one?


Had a quick question, I have a 500.00 Hohner banjo that I am playing better since I received your online video, but I am trying to get better clarity like your banjo.Do I have to buy a better banjo or is there some way I can enhance mine to sound better and crisper.

My Response

That question has a lot of answers, learning how to get better banjo tone is always a good question. if you kind find someone to set up the banjo locally that always helps, its like getting a tune up on your car, banjos need that every once in awhile.

This bridge I use and sell made a big difference on mine, I would start by changing the bridge, the bridge makes a huge difference in the tone, you'll see. Its cheaper than buying a banjo like mine which costs about 4,000.

Here is a link, 5/8th is likely the size you need, that is the standard size.


Also, take off the resonator and snug up the brackets on your head too, just not too much,.to tight of a head kills the tone, just a snug them and make sure the head is not too tight but not flimsy or soft either

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
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