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Banjo Practice Tips

Banjo Practice Tips

Dear Ross:

Thank you! The Deering Goodtime 2 banjo and accessories arrived today, Tuesday.

Thank you very much for processing my wife's, Karen Neary, order. It is a special gift to me.

I have a lot to learn, first about reading music, chords, music theory and then playing it on the banjo. I have a good ear for music and a memory of tunes. The learning process will be slow and often frustrating. I am hoping to keep my enthusiasm going and trying each day to maintain what I practiced the previous day and slowly but surely move forward to that day when I can say I am a tenor banjo player.

Best wishes, Chuck

Hi Chuck, thanks for your email and letting me know all arrived safely. Practice and enthusiasm go hand in hand. Just keep playing and enjoy the process along the way.

One bit of advice is to build skill while your practicing, Dont worry too much about playing songs right away. When you have skills you can play anything you want and lean songs quicker.

Its like going to the gym, exercise and build up skill and endurance. stretch your fingers and exercise things that are harder to do than is required by the songs you are learning and then the songs will seem easy. Thanks again, Ross

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
( )==='==~

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