Banjo Students Breakdown

Banjo Students Breakdown

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Hi Ross.

In the Banjo Encyclopedia, chapter, 5 the Banjo Student's Breakdown. There are four places in this tune where you move from G to F, starting F with a hammer-on on the 4th string. I am finding it nearly impossible to make this transition with any speed. Is there a trick to this, or just lots of practice?

Ross Nickerson answer

I would practice the move without picking, over and over, don't stop to adjust or fix it, just continue to rep it over and over without picking, If you miss, don't stop to fix or adjust, there is never a point in a song where you have time for that. Just continue repeating and attempting, also find other exercises to develop ability in your left hand. When working on left hand exercises, do them without picking or primarily without picking so you can truly focus on developing ability and flexibility in the fretting hand.

In addition, read chapter 3 "The Left Hand" and spend significant time in there before trying to learn too many songs.

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
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