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I’m learning to play banjo like this in 7 months

I’m learning to play banjo like this in 7 months

One of my online students sent me this nice message and also an MP3 recording of his progress. I think he is doing well so I sent back some encouragement and some tips that might be helpful to my blog readers as well. Here is the letter.

I bought a banjo the last week of March this year.  I’ve been amazed at how far I’ve come since then thanks to books like yours (I’m entirely self taught).  I attached an mp3 of a song I just recorded today.  I’ve got a friend who plays guitar and I was recording it so he could practice with it.  Thought you might like to hear what someone with your books and 7 months of practice can do.

Drunken Sailor MP3

Nickerson response

Great job, you are completing all your measures and keeping the rhythm going very well, that’s huge. Many students at your juncture are playing choppy phrases and not piecing a whole song together without stopping.

You can improve what you have a lot by working with the metronome, especially on your forward rolls.

Also, try to “throw the sound” further. You can work on that by visualizing throwing it across the room to the back wall, trying to fill the whole room with sound. The metronome will increase the clarity of the space “between the notes” and give you a bigger solid sound which is part of “opening up the sound and projecting it further" Timing and rhythm is the key and you are off to a very good start.

Keep up the good work! thanks, Ross

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