Middle Finger Problems

Middle Finger Problems

A question on the middle finger not cooperating

Dear Ross,

I am a member and I have a question for you. I started playing last June and my middle finger wants to move up away from the strings when I strike the other strings with my thumb and middle finger. Is they any way of trying to correct this. Maybe some exercise. Anything advise would be greatly appreciated.

Ross Nickerson answer

I've seen that happen with student before.

I would suggest trying to repeat over and over picking the second string with the Index and the first string with the Middle. While you are doing this, play it slow and concentrate on keeping the fingers close to the strings. Rest your thumb on the 5th string while doing this.

Then try T M T I over and over trying again to keep your fingers close to this strings. T M T I on any strings will work.

Using a metronome would really help, start slow and don't speed up to quickly just because its easy to play. It seems the best way to cure muscle involuntary actions are to keep it slow until you retrain the muscle memory.

These are just suggestions and as you might imagine hard to give advice without seeing you. It's worth a try, in general, study what's going and try to make up your own exercises.

If it persists, don't worry about it too much, especially if you are having some success the way it is now.

It's worth a try to change the habit but don't let it put a damper on the whole experience.

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
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