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Playing a 5-string Banjo with a low G on the 5th string?

Playing a 5-string Banjo with a low G on the 5th string?


Hello, I've been playing banjo for a few months now. Been picking it up pretty well! However, I play rather unconventionally. The 5th peg came off while I was learning basic chords, ended up keeping it with 4 and rocking the tuning D-G-B-E. I like it because I can play along to most songs without having to transpose in anyway or whatnot.
My question is; I'm thinking of putting my 5th fret back on, but to stick with my attempt to stay unique and different, I was contemplating using a heavier string, maybe even a bass string to add a bass line?
Do you think that's possible, would it create any major tension issues. Should there be anything else I should be asking? Can't find anything online about it being done before. Thought I'd reach out.

Thank you!


I have tried that before, a low G instead of a high G on the 5th peg on one of my electric banjos.

I didn't stick with it but its a thought for sure.
I don't think it would create tension problems but you might have to modify the 5th string nut or spike to fit the string.

There have been banjos out there made custom with an extra string that featured the high G and a low G.

My opinion would be to keep a normal 5th string and continue to develop your knowledge and skill now realizing that you don't always need to play the 5th string in a roll.

Also by removing the 5th string it caused you to spend more time focusing on the fretting hand, that in itself is a blessing. Take your picks off some times and use a flatpick that will get you much more interested in the fretting hand. Then after you've learned more about what you can do with the fretting hand, put your picks back on and in your case, the 5th string peg, and you will be a lot more balanced in your skills and knowledge.

Hope that quick observation and encouragement helps,


Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
( )==='==~

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