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Practice Habits Banjo

Practice Habits Banjo

Banjo Practice Habits and Techniques Class Handouts

Below are links to handouts that you can download

First is the picking patterns spelled out like this T I T M T I T M. Memorize the pattern by saying it aloud and then practice mixing up the strings you play the patterns on. Practice accenting, speed, tone, timing, dynamics, weak spots and any exercises you can create that may help you develop your picking abilities.

Download Picking Patterns Practice Worksheet

Here are some informal tips that touch on many of the points I made in class

Tips on Practice Techniques and Priories

I also included timing exercises. Practice counting out loud clearly and forcefully, it will transfer to your playing. . Counting in your head is not really counting. Count out loud clearly.

Timing Exercises

I have excerpts from the Banjo Encyclopedia, left hand exercises

Left Hand Exercises 1
Left Hand Exercises 2

I included some tips on how to best utilize practice play along tracks from my play along practice books.

Tips on Practicing with Play Along Tracks

I have a DVD called How to Practice Banjo which covers this subject. I also have a DVD on Timing along with the Banjo Encyclopedia and other materials including Play along CDs and DVD.

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
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