Rhythm Backup Band Play Along Vol 1 Spiral Bound Book, DVD and CD By Ross Nickerson

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Rhythm Backup Band to Play Banjo Along With

Make Practice Fun! Learn to play with others on banjo with your own backup band!

Practice banjo songs over and over with this Bluegrass Backup Band CD. Practicing banjo by playing along gives you the experience confidence you need to play banjo in a jam session or in a group situation.  

Practice songs over and over at three different speeds will help you gain the skills you need to learn to play with other musicians and have more fun!. This method includes Tab booklet, CD and tips on playing backup and the chords. Now with high quality split screen close up DVD with all songs at three speeds.

Two Different Books and CDs recorded with Backup band at Three Speeds! Also high quality split screen DVD of all the songs at three speeds.

Learn to play your banjo with others These backup tracks should help your progress a lot, and you'll have a lot of fun with them too! No matter what level you are at. It could be the most fun you'll ever have practicing and it will be fantastic for your development!

I recorded the backup tracks in the recording studio at three different speeds, and not too fast either! The tempos of the songs range from very easy, (90 Beats per minute/BPM) to a slow medium tempo, (130 /BPM) to a moderate fast speed, 105 BPM double or cut time, (Four eighth notes per click).

Songs included on Volume 1
Cripple Creek, Banjo in the Hollow, Boil That Cabbage Down, Eight More Miles to Louisville, Cumberland Gap, Jingle Bells, John Henry, Blackberry Blossom, Two Dollar Bill, Red River Valley, Wildwood Flower, My Old Kentucky Home, Eighth of January(Battle of New Orleans), Crying Holy

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Songs on Volume 2

This Land is Your Land, When the Saints Go Marching In, America the Beautiful, Battle Hymn of The Republic, The Crawdad Song, Jesse James, Ode to Joy, Oh Susanna, Old Joe Clark, Pig in a Pen, Reuben’s Train, Rolling in My Sweet Baby’s Arms, She’ll be coming around the Mountain.

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Rhythm Backup Band Play Along Spiral Bound Book, CD and DVD Volume 2

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Includes recordings of the songs, backup play along tracks, instruction on learning how to play by the chords to the song, memorizing tips, advice on how to best utilize the rhythm tracks to help your progress. The book has also includes easy to read tablature with accent marks for melody notes, and other helpful tips and advice. I am now offering this book spiral bound with a DVD of each song played at three speeds too. The DVD menu has a special feature that allows you to scroll through the songs only at the speed you are working at. The DVD features split screen and high quality picture. Also included in the book are memorizing tips, advice on using the rhythm tracks, playing by the chords tips and more. Includes hard copy wire bound book, band play along CD and a DVD that demonstrates each song at 3 speeds. Books have easy to read tablature, tips on learning the songs and instruction on how to practice more efficiently with the backup tracks.

Songs included on Volume 1
Cripple Creek, Banjo in the Hollow, Boil That Cabbage Down, Eight More Miles to Louisville, Cumberland Gap, Jingle Bells, John Henry, Blackberry Blossom, Two Dollar Bill, Red River Valley, Wildwood Flower, My Old Kentucky Home, Eighth of January(Battle of New Orleans), Crying Holy.

Feb 1, 2020
The books are fantastic.
The books are fantastic. Please send my thanks to Ross. His introduction about memorization and the importance of studying are inspirational to me because I can't physically play banjo every day. I have tendinitis in my left wrist which limits how much I can play. So, to hear his words and now to seriously apply them have meant so much to me.

Mar 12, 2016
very helpful
The Rhythm Backup Play Along is very helpful as I am learning backup techniques. Can hardly wait for Volume 2 to arrive.

Aug 21, 2015
This is a great learning tool for everyone
.....I can't tell you how useful the play along backup band cd is for me. I'm only working on one song right now but I'm able to play the chords up and down the neck smoothly at the slow speed and I was able to keep up with the second speed better than I thought I could. And it's so easy to hear the chord changes at the slow speed. This is a great learning tool for everyone but mostly for people like me who don't have the opportunity to learn to play with others now has a chance to do that. Good job on getting this together!

Aug 21, 2015
My family is amazed
Ross. I can't wait to dig into the new materials. You do a superb job with these teaching materials. A year ago, I purchased vol 1 and 2 of a set that included a tab CD, example play CD and a play along CD. In 30 min to an hour 5 times a week, I've committed almost all of vol 1 to memory. My family is amazed

Aug 21, 2015
I am very satisfied that I did this
........ These are great instructions and I am very satisfied that I did this. I am playing songs on the Banjo and it is a very nice feeling, thank you. John C......Hi Ross, Love the play-along-CD and the DVD - thanks again! I surprised my banjo teacher with your version of Old Joe Clark - that was great!

Aug 21, 2015
love it.
......We got one of the play along backup cd's at the workshop and love it. We had a guitar, mandolin and fiddle, --all beginners--over on Tuesday night and had a great time with it. In fact we have a "weekly thing" worked out now so we will probably be ordering the other volume very soon...take care,

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