Songs on Banjo that sound good slow

Songs on Banjo that sound good slow

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Here's a question for the "Ask the Banjo Teacher" forum. Being that I started learning the banjo later in life and have a problem playing some of the songs "up to speed" do you have any suggestions for songs that sound good slower, played at a slow speed? I've done some searching and can't find any kind of a compilation of songs geared towards a slower tempo yet still sound good. Any help greatly appreciated Ross.

Ross Nickerson answer

These two books and genres are really good for slower songs, a lot of, well most of my songbooks have songs that are better at slow speeds, these three in particular.

Check out Christmas Music Made Easy for Banjo and Children's Songs Made Easy for Banjo.

Also this one

Don't be turned off by the Banjo Songs for Beginners title. The reason they are for beginners is because they sound better at slower tempos, and when you play them nice and steady, trust me, you wont sound like a beginner! Students sound like a beginner when they try to play something difficult out of time and sloppy, or when they try to execute breakdowns meant to be played fast that don't sound very musical at the slower tempos.

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