Workshop Comments and Tips

Workshop Comments and Tips

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Student comments

Hi Ross,

Just a short note to thank you for the workshop over the weekend. The afternoon was one of the best musical investments I have made, and I would recommend it to any banjo player, regardless of level, or singer-songwriter like myself who writes from the banjo. Of particular help to me was the mixing of various rolls and what you refer to as "accent". I am also looking forward to putting to use the Banjo Encyclopedia. Having only had a chance for a quick read so far, it looks like an excellent primer that covers some key areas most banjo players like me just don't pay enough attention to during practice. It's easy to see where this will improve my own playing immensely.

My Response

Once again, the feedback means a lot! My take on student difficulties has a lot to do with students underestimating the physical challenge of it all and spending to much time trying to figure it out or solve it with the mind, it helps to aggressively approach it from a physical standpoint and focus on rhythm.

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
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