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Banjo Jamming and Play Along - Online DVD Version

With Bonus Video Learning the Chord Forms Up and Down the NecK

Learn how to play banjo along by ear using only the chords to the song on 7 important standards. Each song is played at 3 tempos and you can loop them over and over. There is nothing better for your playing than repetitions. This is the way to learn to play by ear and get the reps you need at home.
This DVD also includes a comprehensive Banjo Chords Lesson that demonstrates how to find all the Major, Minor and 7th Chords quickly by ear so it sticks.

This practice banjo DVD will help you learn to play banjo backup, how to solo, improvise and have more fun practicing. Playing along teaches you how to recover from mistakes, play without tablature easier and become a better banjo player.

One each song I first explain the chord progression and how it works, then when the songs begin, I play a solo and then play backup for you while you take your turn.There is easy to read detailed tablature for each song but I encourage you to try and play the songs by using only the chords. By creating a foundation in the chords it gives you something to fall back on if you loose your place in the tablature.

Bonus Learning the Banjo Chord Forms Up the Neck Video that is included The DVD also comes with a 25 minute bonus video lesson on learning all the chord forms without using a chord chart. Much the way my book The Banjo Encyclopedia presents learning the chords but illustrated and shown to you on video. Scroll over the player to see a sample of the Bonus Learning the Chord Forms Video that comes with this DVD click here to see larger samples in flash or windows

The high quality audio includes bass and guitar so you can learn and hear what it feels like to be in the groove. The DVD also comes with a 25 minute bonus video lesson on learning all the chord forms without using a chord chart. Much the way my book The Banjo Encyclopedia presents learning the chords but illustrated and shown to you on video.The DVD comes with written tablature arrangements for the songs and instruction on how best utilize the DVD.

The songs are: Cripple Creek, Blackberry Blossom, Salt Creek, Old Joe Clark, Boil the Cabbage Down, Amazing Grace and I'll Fly Away.

Comments from Customers

Thanks for your teaching!
Ross, I want to take just a moment to say thanks. I've been playing for a couple of years now and had not made any progress with the chords or jamming. Your special section regarding the chord positions has been very helpful. It was fun to learn how to make and locate the chords in ten minutes! I will refer to my copy of the Banjo Encyclopedia to further build on my chord progress.

Your jamming lessons are great!
Ross, your jamming lessons are great! I really enjoy practicing. My memory isn't the best since I am 64 years old now, but I will keep studying!

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Easy to use, click through menus, digital quality, and valuable instruction

These new DVDs from Ross Nickerson feature extremely high quality video and audio and use split screen technology. The content on the new DVDs are just what banjo players need to reach the next level. The DVDs target reducing dependency on tablature, learning to play by ear, learning to play the chords and by the chords, how to recover from mistakes, all the things that are hard to get from books. I can't tell you how excited about and proud I am of these new DVDs. I was filmed and edited in a top quality studio using split screen technology and high audio fidelity, but even more importantly, the content is going to unlock so many issues and obstacles for students. From the private teaching and workshops I have been doing especially of late, this subject matter is what students are craving for and have expressed a desire to improve on. I'm not sure what more to tell you except I really feel these DVDs should be of great benefit to you. Let me try and describe the content below.

Banjo Jamming and Play Along is also available in hard copy DVD which will be shipped to you!
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Learn the Chords to Each Song
Songs Played at Three Speeds
Ross Nickerson plays a solo and then plays backup for you
Includes Guitar and Bass Backup at all three speeds
Includes a tablature arrangement for each song
Comprehensive Book that includes Text instruction and detailed tablature
Split screen DVD showing both hands close up
All songs are performed at three speeds for easy practicing and learning

Having a great time with the new Lessons
Ross, I'm having a great time with the new Lessons. Having the slow, medium and fast versions is extremely helpful. The slow helps in getting the rolls down correctly. Then moving on to the medium speed helps with getting the rhythm down, and it seems to me to be easier to distinguish between the eighth notes and quarter notes at this speed. I was up to the fast speed in no time, although I still need quite a bit of practice to make it clean. I'm learning a lot from these Lessons in a short amount of time, which is key for me because I don't have a lot of time to practice.

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Banjo Jamming and Play Along Ross Nickerson DVD Video and Tab Book


All Four Intermediate Banjo Lessons with Bonus Learning The Banjo Chord Shapes and Forms Lesson


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