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PLATINUM LIFETIME Members have Full Lifetime Access to the SILVER, GOLD AND PLATINUM Member Lesson Sites - AND it's LIFETIME Access

New Banjo Members Only Site
The new members site is easily accessed through your customer account, and the Gold and Platinum level sites also include all of the Online Banjo Lessons available. So now there is no need to shuffle between separate Members Site Access, separate Online Lesson Access and your customer account anymore, IT'S ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Join Now and Receive Cash Off your order! $15 off for becoming a Silver Member, $25 off for Gold Membership and $45 off for LIFETIME All Access Platinum - Click the More link below for info

Banjo Lesson Members are able to access and download Complete Online Banjo Lesson Courses, Banjo Lesson Videos, Online DVDs, Banjo Songs, Beginning and Advanced Banjo Tabs and receive generous discounts on all hard copy Banjo Instruction Books, CDs and DVDs.

Member Site Details
Three Levels to Choose from

PLATINUM - LIFETIME All Access Members Lesson Site Subscription
$45 off your order: When checking out, use voucher code: 45off
GOLD 3 Year Members Only Lesson Site Access
$25 off your order:When checking out, use voucher code: 25off
SILVER 1 Year Members Only Lesson Site Access
$15 off your order: 
When checking out, use voucher code: 15off

What's inside for Platinum LIFETIME Members
The Silver or "All members" site has over 100 free videos, 50 lesson and song videos with matching tab and over 100 free tab files. A description of many of the silver site lessons are also in the long description below or read whats included on the Silver Site here See details

banjo lessons online features The Complete Online Banjo Course -
$89 value -purchased separately a $253 value


banjo lessons online features BEGINNER COURSES - Comprehensive banjo lessons for beginners just getting started. Get off to a correct start and learn proper technique with Ross Nickerson

banjo lessons online features 25 BANJO SONGS - 25 more songs to learn on the banjo with video, audio, tablature, All songs performed at slow medium and fast tempos with tips on how to play each song.

Playing Banjo By Ear and Using the Chords directly targets reducing dependency on tablature, learning to play banjo by ear, learning to “fill in the blanks” when knowing only the chords to a song and how to recover from mistakes.

banjo lessons online features HOW TO PRACTICE BANJO - ONLINE DVD - Learn how to improve everything you play, progress faster and get the most from your practice time.

banjo lessons online features ROCK SOLID TIMING AND BANJO BACKUP - ONLINE DVD
Learn Rock Solid Banjo Timing and get loads of tips, tablature and demonstrations on playing backup with Ross Nickerson's DVD, Rock Solid Banjo Timing and Backup.

banjo lessons online features BANJO JAMMING AND PLAY ALONG - ONLINE DVD
Along with a backup bluegrass band Ross Nickerson plays a solo and then plays backup for you, Practicing over and over at three different speeds helps guide you through developing your skills.

banjo lessons online features PLAYING IN THE KEYS OF C, D, E, F AND G UP THE NECK - ONLINE DVD - Ross teaches easy techniques to quickly transpose the songs you already know in open G tuning to other keys.

banjo lessons online features MUST KNOW BANJO LICKS - Learn the important building blocks of five string banjo technique and some hot banjo licks along the way too. Over 100 " Must Know Banjo Licks" included with tablature and close-up video.

banjo lessons online features INTERMEDIATE BANJO LESSONS
Lessons on playing up the neck, using chords, playing banjo backup, developing speed in your picking and how to go about playing a melody you already know in bluegrass 5-string banjo technique.

banjo lessons online features LEARNING THE MAJOR, MINOR AND SEVENTH CHORD FORMS AND SHAPES UP THE NECK VIDEO- Also included is the bonus 24 minute banjo chord lessons on learning the major, minor and seventh chords without a chord chart.

banjo lessons online features HOW TO PLAY THE MELODY ON THE BANJO
Ross Nickerson shows you skills needed to bring out the melody in all the songs you play.

banjo lessons online features HOW TO LEARN A SONG QUICK FROM TAB
Learn how to quickly pull what's needed from the tab and more

banjo lessons online features WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO PLAY BANJO
Ross explains the essential elements of 5-string bluegrass banjo playing and, shows you what brings it all together.

banjo lessons online features RHYTHM BACK UP PLAY ALONG PRACTICE TRACKS - Improve your jamming skills these CD backup tracks are a fun way to improve in a hurry

banjo lessons online features
These items are for Lifetime Platinum Members only.

banjo lessons online features All 7 E-Books with CD Tracks by Ross Nickerson
E-Books and CD Tracks you can download and keep.
How to Build Your Speed on the Banjo
Scruggs Style Instruction for 5-string Banjo
The Banjo Song Book
Blazing the West Tab Transcription Book,
Gospel Songs for Banjo,
The Joy of Christmas Banjo Book and CD and
Rhythm Backup Banjo Volume 1.

banjo lessons online features Advanced Lesson Videos and Tabs
14 Advanced Videos with professionally transcribed Tablature in both PDF and Tabeledit Tab Program, that you can download and keep

banjo lessons online features Advanced CD Tablature Transcriptions
from Ross Nickerson's award winning CD Blazing the West and his latest CD Let's Kick It.

banjo lessons online features Platinum Member Discounts

banjo lessons online features DISCOUNTS: PLATINUM Members receive a 30% discount on all instructional items with some accessories and supplies on sale exclusively for members. The 30% discount can still be added on to our Multiple Book, DVD and CD Discounts with FREE SHIPPING too.

banjo lessons online features As a member you can DOWNLOAD videos to your computer.

banjo lessons online featuresRead more descriptions below of all the lessons included on the Silver Lesson Site.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Please feel free to contact-us if after purchasing any Online Lessons or E-Books, you decide that you would prefer a Hard Copy Book or DVD. We will gladly apply a credit voucher towards any hard copies you choose. We want you to learn!


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Silver Member access is free with the Platinum Membership
Some of What's on the Silver Site

Archived Intermediate Lesson Videos There are 48 lessons that you can download and keep.

Important banjo lessons for beginners just getting started! Beginner Online Lesson Option 1 a 12.95 value along with three songs from the 24 Songs Online Lessons

40 song videos with matching tab Ross Nickerson Videos and MP3 recordings in their entirety

Advanced Tab Transcriptions including an accurate Dueling Banjos Movie Transcription, Take it Easy banjo transcription of the Eagles banjo player Bernie Leyden and Ross Nickerson's, Stairway to Heaven.

Banjo Encyclopedia Tips and Video Lessons pertaining to pages and lessons from the Banjo Encyclopedia

More than 50 Ask the Banjo Teacher
columns and instruction articles

List of the 48 Archived Monthly Lesson Videos available for all members.

Learn the banjo 3-2 pull off,
How to get better banjo tone,
Banjo help with the middle finger,
Banjo finger exercises,
Learn banjo back up,
Playing the melody on banjo,
Banjo practice advice,
Questions about banjo tab,
Banjo songs that sound good slower,
Learning the 2-3-2 hammer-on pull-off lick.
Right hand banjo instruction,
How to fret better on banjo and improve the left hand,
Learning more from the bluegrass encyclopedia of banjo,
Trouble with playing banjo chords,
How to progress faster learning banjo,
How to capo the fifth string,
Banjo chords for different keys,
How to play up the neck; Cumberland Gap,
Learning to play the D chord on banjo,
Banjo practice; trying too hard,
Trouble with the index finger while picking banjo,
Banjo forward roll tips,
Getting better at banjo; skill building,
Trying to pick up some speed,
How to relax when playing banjo,
Bending and choking the banjo strings,
Banjo Advice: How long should I practice? Learning the D chord part in Beverly Hillbillies / Jed Clampett, Learn the banjo 3-2 pull off, Left hand muting,
Questions on using a preamp with a Fishman Banjo Pickup, fingers tensing up, putting one or two fingers on the head,
Trouble finding tab for a banjo song,
Tightening the banjo head,
Playing without tab,
What should I practice?
Banjo timing tips and instruction,
Adding a bounce to a roll,
Take it Easy banjo tab question,
banjo set up advice,
How to put a banjo capo on,
 How to get a better sounding banjo pull off or push up,
radius neck advice,
Preparing for a banjo workshop,
How to capo the fifth string and many more.
New Ask the Banjo Teacher column Jed Clampett
D Chord Section

Feb 16, 2019
Platinum Membership
This is a great deal, with enough lessons to last years.

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