Must Know Banjo Licks Bundle 2 Backup Banjo - Up the Neck - Slow Banjo Styles

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Learn the important building blocks of five string banjo technique and some hot banjo licks along the way too from Ross Nickerson

Each video has the must-know examples of these techniques demonstrated slow and fast on video. Each lesson also comes with it's own tablature booklet. Now in even higher quality flash video

Bundle 2 includes these 3 lesson
(see"more Info" below for detailed information)

  1. Backup Banjo
  2. Up the Neck Banjo
  3. Slow Banjo Styles

There are 9 different important categories of banjo licks in all
$15 for 1 Bundle or $30 for all 3 Bundles

Bundle 1
1. Beginnings, Endings & Turnarounds
2. Must Know Scruggs Style
3. Melodic & Single String Style  $15
Bundle 2
4. Backup Banjo
5. Up the Neck Banjo
6. Slow Banjo Styles   $15
Bundle 3
7. Blues Banjo
8. Chromatic, Triplets, Hot Licks
9. Bending the Strings  $15

Purchase all 3 Bundles for $30

Purchase Bundle 2 for $15.00 or use the link above to purchase All 3 Bundles at a Discount

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Backup Banjo In the videos I've included many of the classic Scruggs Style Backup Licks that you'll need to know to begin developing or polishing up your backup skills. There are Vamping licks, two Slow Song Backup examples, a Backup Verse and Chorus example, Fiddle Backup example and a Bass Runs in a song example demonstrated in close-up video. Some of the material used for these videos is in my book The Banjo Encyclopedia so this is an opportunity to get a close-up video demonstration of these important techniques.

Up the Neck Banjo The Up the Neck Videos will demonstrate many of the must know up the neck licks along with a song example played low and up the neck. In one of the video segments included I demonstrated a common low neck lick and then it's up the neck corresponding lick. This way for every lick or phrase you can play low on the neck , you will have an up the neck corresponding one, so you can move up and down and transpose quickly. The song example is She'll be Coming Around the Mountain played slow and fast low on the neck, then the slow and fast high on the neck. The two versions are as identical as the technique allows and will really give you a good lesson in learning to do this for yourself in the songs you know already.

Slow Banjo Styles This video is a little shorter so it is not sold separately. However, it may be shorter but it teaches the key picking patterns and emphasis needed to get the slow backup sound for waltz's and other slower bluegrass tunes. This is definitely an example of a technique that is very hard to learn and teach from tab. If you play the notes without the emphasis in the correct place, it sounds as though it makes no sense. The video will give you the chance to see and hear it, so you can get the emphasis easily by ear, while getting the notes to play from the tab.

Aug 28, 2015
thank you for the follow-up.
Thanks Kathy....thank you for the follow-up. Everything worked great...a great user experience. :)

Aug 28, 2015
Great job!!!
I just wanted you to know, I have spent some time looking over the lessons, and these are better than anything else I have ever looked at.

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