Old-Time Banjo Craft 5 String Open Back Banjo Making

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How to Build a Banjo
BanjoCraft is a brief look at banjo making in the small shop. This book is intended to to be accessible to banjo people and wood workers of all skill levels. BanjoCraft contains 50+ full color photos and 46 pages of detailed banjo making knowledge.

From the author Robert Browder: My own interest in banjo making came by playing music and the wish to own a great banjo. Although having done some basic wood working in the past I found myself poorly equipped for banjo making. Several years ago I had the good fortune to meet BlueRidge craftsman Mac Traynham. Mac makes great banjos. He is also a great old time musician. Under Mac's instruction I slowly developed the skills required to make fine banjos. Along the way we were fortunate to participate in the Virginia FolkLife Apprenticeship program, sponsored by the Virginia Foundtion for the Humanities.

Topics Included Scale Length Wood Selection Hardware and Parts A brief look at tone rings Details of neck making, including a brief intro to fretting and inlay Details of rim making, including bending and forming Details of dowel making Assembly and set-up Forms and jigs

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