Paige "CLIK" Capos for Banjo - All Sizes and Radius

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Best Banjo Capo - Easy to Use - Won't Throw Your Banjo Out of Tune

Paige "Clik" Banjo Capos for Standard Banjo Necks, Radius Neck and a Banjo capo for using above the 5th Fret.

This a great banjo capo for beginners or advanced players. It slips on and off easy, is adjustable and provides balanced pressure on the strings. Adjustable balanced pressure is key for any capo to not throw you banjo out of tune, which unfortunately many banjo capos do and some worse than others.

Leave the Banjo Capo on the Neck when not using
You can also leave it attached by loosening it, then pushing it above the nut and leave it on the banjo neck above the nut when you are not using it.

Its has an easy to grab adjustable thumb screw, a semi hard plastic sleeve that does not kill the volume by muting the strings, does not buzz and is built to last.

This is the type of banjo capo I use. It allows you to easily adjust the amount of pressure which helps minimize any need for re-tuning. The Paige banjo capos are really good quality and hold up very well. Ross Nickerson

Ross Nickerson - Banjo Capo Advice - How and When to Use a Banjo Capo

Available in 4 sizes

Paige "Clik" Banjo Capo - PC-B4-1.437
Standard Banjo Capo
Fits from the 1st to 4th fret on a 5-string banjo.

Paige "Clik" Banjo Capo - PC-B4-1.437-R
Banjo Capo - Standard Size Radius - 1st to 4th Frets
Banjo Capo is slightly curved for capoing radius fingerboard banjo necks. 
Fits 1st to 4th fret on a 5-string banjo.

Paige "Clik" Banjo Capo - PC-B5-1.812
Radius Banjo Capo - Wider Size
Banjo Capo is slightly curved for capoing radius fingerboard banjo necks.
Fits past the 4th fret

Paige "Clik" Banjo Capo - PC-6-2.250-R
Standard Wider Banjo Capo for using above the 5th fret
Fits from the 1st to 5th fret on a 5-string banjo.


  • Clik Standard - Capos 1st to 4th fret - PC-B4-1.437
  • Clik Wider Size - Capos 1st to 5th Fret - PC-B5-1.812
  • Clik Radius - Standard Size - Capos 1st to 4th Fret - PC-B4-1.437-R
  • Clik Radius - Wider Size - Capos 1st to 5th Fret - PC-6-2.250-R

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