Guardian CG-012-J Foam Lightweights got Banjo Case - Best Hard Foam Feather Light Banjo Case

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Guardian CG-012-J Foam Lightweight Banjo Case

Guardian CG-012-J Hard Foam - Best Feather Light Banjo Case

I feel the Guardian CG-012-J Feather Light Foam Banjo Case is the best lightweight banjo case available. It's strong, protects my heavy flathead tone ring banjo, it fits tight in the case and I can carry it on my back like a back pack.

This Guardian Light Weight Banjo Case is the lightweight banjo case I use and recommend.

I discontinued carrying the other lightweight banjo case alternative, The TKL Zero Gravity. After using the TKL Zero Gravity I found that when carrying it on your back with the back pack straps it hits you in the back of the legs when walking. Also, using the TKL zero gravity foam case the nylon pieces that hold the case lid up when the case is open ripped and failed after only using a few times. That problem ended up causing one of the hinges to come lose and the screw holding it on stripped, making it difficult to repair. Most banjo players do not know how to sew nylon either.

The Guardian I've been using for awhile and works much better. The Guardian is as light or lighter, it's just as strong and the foam protection is thicker. Also it protects my banjo better because the banjo fits tighter in the case than it did in the TKL Zero Gravity. I use the Guardian for my heavy flathead tone ring Masterone style banjo with no worries. It helps a lot in making it easier to carry, especially because I can put it on my back like a back pack. The lightweight Guardian banjo case doesn't bounce off the back of my legs when I'm carrying it on my back like the Zero Gravity banjo case did. That was pretty annoying to say the least.

Thanks again, Ross Nickerson (Owner of

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Guardian CG-012-J Hard Foam Feather Light Banjo Case



  • 40" total length
  • 13.75" Body Length
  • 13.5" Lower Bout
  • 4.5" Depth

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