Snark Tuner with Special Banjo Adapter

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Snark Tuner with Special Adapter for Banjo

A Tighter Clip-on Tuner

  • The most popular clip-on tuner and the best Snark yet!
  • Brighter, easier to read display, faster response and extremely accurate.
  • Its ultra-tight tuning reacts directly to the vibration of your instrument, so you never have to worry about background noise as you tune.
  • Just clip the SN-8 to the headstock of your guitar or any resonant part of your instrument, and you're good to go.
  • What's more, the display rotates 360 degrees, so the Snark SN-8 is perfect lefties too!

Add the Bracket Mount
Makes tuning more discreet and easier

Mount a Snark Tuner right on your banjo. The snark tuner with adapter for mounting the tuner on the head brackets. The special adapter for banjo players attaches down where you can see it easier and no one else can! Easy to turn on and off, out of sight to the audience, and easier to see while tuning. The adapter easily snaps on to two head brackets which mounts it solid and out of the way. The tuner can stay mounted when you put it in the case too.

tuner bracket mount for banjo and snark tuner

The adapter is NOT for open back banjos. Or banjos that have an individual shoe for each head bracket.
The snark adapter is only for banjos designed with the heavier flathead tone rings and 24 head tightening brackets.

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  • Snark Tuner WITH Tuner Bracket Adapter - $25.40
  • Snark Tuner Banjo Bracket Mount Only - $5.49
  • Snark Tuner Only - $19.95

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Easy-to-use chromatic clip-on tuner that covers a wide tonal range and instrument types
Super-tight sensitivity lets you lock into tune
Ultra-fast response saves time tuning - a must-have for stage use
Built-in tap-tempo metronome is an essential practice tool
Transpose and pitch calibration functions allow for non-standard tuning

Oct 8, 2018
Love the bracket
Just to let you know I received the bracket and it works a treat .l have it mounted on my 1960 Merlin long neck 5string open back. Regards Adrian.

Oct 29, 2015
Looking forward to picking...

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