Snark Tuner Bracket Mount For Easier Use

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Snark Tuner Mount for Banjos

Replace or buy an extra mount for your Snark tuner to attach it to your banjo on the head brackets. Works great, made of solid polycarbonate and is very stable.

Special Sale On Snark Banjo Tuners with adapter for 5-string banjo
(adapter does not work on open back banjos, only bluegrass banjos with 24 brackets and a 1 piece flange)

Snark Tuner Adapter for Banjo

Snark banjo tuner that makes it possible to locate the snark tuner above the flange and attaches to head brackets. Makes it much easier to see and use instantly. Also great when performing as it does not draw attention to you that you are tuning. And it isn't seen sitting on your peg head while you are playing.

snark banjo tuner that attaches to head brackets

The Snark Banjo Adapter is NOT for open back banjos.
Or banjos that have an individual shoe for each head bracket.
The snark adapter is only for banjos designed with the heavier flathead tone rings and 24 head tightening brackets.


  • Snark Tuner WITH Tuner Bracket Adapter - $25.40
  • Snark Tuner Banjo Bracket Mount Only - $5.49
  • Snark Tuner Only - $19.95

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Jan 10, 2024
Tuner Bracket for Mounting Snark Tuner
I just added this to my GT OB-250+ JP. What a convienience! I have the ST-2 tuner. Be sure to slide that little rubber grommet off before trying to remove the clip from the tuner (the grommet prevents the clip from coming off!) You also won't need the grommet after that. I found that mounting position matters, too. I first placed it close to the top of the arm rest and noticed that it seemed a bit slower in acquisition than when clipped to the headstock. So, move it closer to the neck, right? Should that make a difference? It think it does. I have it a 11 o'clock, just above the resonator bolt (you can't put ot over the bolt, so I clipped to the second and third tension bracket). Also a much better viewing angle there and completely out of the way. Slide it down to touch the edge of the resonator and it's a tight fit. It's not moving.

Apr 6, 2016
Snark tuner bracket
This snark tuner bracket keeps your tuner in a convenient place and you can leave it there all the time. Great idea. I have bought 3 so far, 2 for my banjos and 1 for a friend.

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