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Gold Tone Replacement Banjo Tuning Peg Buttons and Knobs

At we have replacement tuning peg button knobs made by Gold Tone that could fit other banjos.

Check our different models and sizes to replace broken standard and planetary tuning peg buttons.

If your banjo is not a Gold Tone we can't guarantee these will fit but there may not be a lot of other options other than replacing the whole tuning peg when a tuning button breaks.

We have descriptions of the pegs below. 

White Plastic (B1236-D) or Ivroid Plastic (B1236-C)
These banjo peg tuning button knob replacements pictured below
have a ROUND HOLE that fits on the shaft


The tuning buttons pictured above are normally used with Gibson Mastertone Style Banjos. These are banjos with a Flat Head Tone Ring, One Piece Flange and 24 Head Tightening Brackets. Some examples of Mastertone Style Banjos would be Goldtone OB-250, 250 Plus, BG 250 F, Ibanez, Gibson, Deering, Morgan Monroe, Recording King, Hubert, Stelling, and other Gibson Mastertone style banjo models.
These also fit  Gold Tone, Cello Banjos, Bob Carlin BC 350 Models, White Layde, EBM Electric Banjos and all Goldtones that feature GT master planets Planetary tuning pegs.
Check your banjo and you should be able to match it with the picture. It fits on to standard sized pegs which almost all banjos out there have the same size shaft. If your banjo is antique or unique, it could for sure be different.


White Plastic (B1236-A)
The B1236-A banjo peg tuning button knob replacement  has 
TWO FLAT AND TWO CURVED SIDES that fit on the shaft

This button will replace many different broken 5th string tuning pegs as long as the shaft has two flat and two curved sides.

Use with Gold Tone Cripple Creek Models and many other banjos that have planetary banjo tuning pegs like Morgan Monroe and other Beginner level banjos. Check that the broken tuning peg button your are replacing has two flat and two curved sides. This one uses a standard size shaft with two flat and two curved sides. 


Replacement Button For "GUITAR STYLE"Tuning pegs
White Plastic (B1236-B)

These are for banjos that have guitar style tuners, not the planetary tuning pegs
Guitar style tuners stick out from the sides of the peghead. Lower priced banjos that cost below 500.00 often use guitar style tuners.

Tuning button replacement for Goldtone, CC-100, CC-100R and other beginner banjos that use guitar style tuning pegs. Also fits Banjitars, GT 50, GT 750 and CC Banjitar

Check your banjo and you should be able to match your peg with the pictures.

All buttons sold at

If your banjo is not a Gold Tone, we can't guarantee these replacement tuning buttons will fit but there may not be a lot of other options other than replacing the whole tuning beg when a tuning button breaks.

Sorry B1236-C is currently unavailable

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  • White Plastic (B1236-A)
  • White Plastic (B1236-B)
  • White Plastic (B1236-D)
  • Ivoroid Plastic (B1236-D)

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Apr 6, 2016
banjo tuner knobs
I am glad I ordered the tuner knobs from banjo teacher. I talked to some music stores in the Boulder area, and everyone said I had to replace the entire tuning machine. I couldn't find anyone who carried just the knob. I spent $4.41 per tuner knob, much cheaper than buying a brand new peg head. I can finally tune without resorting to the needle nose pliers I was using!!

Dec 12, 2015
Replacement Button Knob for Banjo Tuner - White plastic (B1236-B
Prompt delivery with tracking. Was looking all over for these replacement knobs for my old banjo and could only find them here. Thank-you.

Sep 18, 2015
I'm happy
What can I say. These little pieces of plastic replaced my cracked Gold Tone knobs on my banjo. I can tune now.

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