Single Replacment Banjo Tuning Peg - Planetary Tuner - ONLY ONE - PB-324

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Replace a Broken Banjo Tuner, Tuning Peg, Tuning Key

Brand new Planetary Banjo Tuning Pegs to fix, replace, upgrade old banjo tuning keys with planetary banjo pegs, "planet pegs"

These replacement banjo tuning pegs called planetary banjo tuners will fix or upgrade banjo tuning keys on all standard bluegrass banjos and the major majority of open back, 4-string tenor and plectrum banjos.

When it comes to tuning pegs the size of the hole has not varied much, if any in 90 years. If you are concerned, I can reassure that even if on your banjo the hole was just slightly larger than a snug fit, there is a strong nut that holds it tight even if the peg is not snug before tightening. If the hole was too tight, the hole can easily be made larger with no damage to the peg head

For further reassurance, we accept returns on replacement tuning pegs and the tuning pegs warrantied.

Sorry currently out of Planetary Tuners set of 4


  • 1 Standard Planetary Tuning Peg

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