Planetary Banjo Tuners - Replace a Set of 4, 5 or just 1 peg - PB-324-325

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Replacement Banjo Pegs
Planetary Banjo Tuners - Set  of 4, 5 or 1 peg - Nickel Plated

These replacement planetary banjo tuners, (sometimes call "planet pegs") work great for replacing the tuning pegs on lower priced banjos that presently have guitar tuners. They also are perfect for replacing one banjo planet peg that may be broken or replacing the whole set.

You can buy a set of 4, a set of 5 which includes the 5th string peg, or just buy one replacement peg.

These pegs are standard size and will fit 95% of banjos. If for some reason the hole for the peg on your banjo is slightly smaller, it's not a big job to rout out the hole a little bit more to fit the new peg through. The small percentage of banjos that the replacement peg would not slip right in that Ive ever encountered, the hole was too small, never too big.

These pegs are good quality and are very reasonable. They are the same planetary banjo tuners that are installed on new Recording King Banjos.


  • 4 Planetary Banjo Tuning Pegs - No 5th Peg
  • All 5 Planetary Tuning Pegs with 5th Peg
  • 1 - 5th String Tuning Peg

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Apr 22, 2019
Tuning peg
You don’t have a spot on how to order just one planetary tuner,how much is just one and how do I order it? I need it for my RK R20 Songster banjo

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