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Banjo Hanger
Sturdy banjo hanger, mounts easily to the wall with included screws. Banjoteacher's usual quick ship ...
Resnick Resophonic Banjo - The Best Reso Banjo
I received the Resnick resophonic banjo yesterday. Sounds amazing and feels great playing it. The wo ...
Recording King Songster RK-R20 - FREE Hardshell Case
Hey Ross, The Banjo came today and it is everything I read and you said it is. Feels solid, pla ...
Recording King RK- R85 - Elite - Flamed Maple
Hi Ross, I received the banjo on Friday afternoon. It’s really awesome! I’m very happy with it. ...
Snuffy Smith Bridge for 5-String
The standard 5/8' compensated bridge just arrived today. I watched your youtube video on how to inst ...
Snuffy Smith Bridge for 5-String
A package arrived today. After replacing the bridge, the sound of the banjo has improved very much....
Gold Tone CC100 Plus Open Back
I received the Gold Tone CC-100+ yesterday and it looks beautiful. My step-dad is going to love this ...

4-string Banjos 

4-string Banjos for sale at

4-string Tenor Banjos, Plectrum Banjo and Celtic Irish Tenor Banjos

We have the 19 fret tenor and 17 fret Irish 4-string Tenor Banjos from Gold Tone, Deering Tenor Banjos, Recording King and Nechville, Deering 4-string Irish Drop Kick Murphy banjoPlectrum banjos and Tenor, Recording King T 36 Maho...

  • Irish Tenor Banjos
    Irish Tenor Banjos

    Irish Tenor Banjos and Irish Tenor Banjo Instruction at

    The Irish tenor banjo is tuned to the same notes as the violin, fiddle or mandolin, G D A E. Even though the Irish Tenor has a different tone having the same tuning makes it a practical instrument to learn as well as being super fun to play.  Sheet music or tablature for fiddle tunes written for fiddle or mandolin can be used to adapt songs to the Irish tenor banjo.

  • Tenor Banjos
    Tenor Banjos

    Brand New High Quality Tenor Banjos from Goldtone Banjos.

    The TS 250 AT, the 4-string CEB 4 Cello banjo, The EBM 4 electric tenor banjo and the best new Irish Tenor Banjos. Also featured are beginner 4-string tenor banjos from GoldtoneRecording King and Morgan Monroe.

  • 4-string Plectrum Banjos
    4-string Plectrum Banjos

    These 4-string plectrum banjos are tuned C G B D. The neck is the same length as a five string banjo and the tuning is the same as a 5-string in C tuning. They can also be tuned to "chicago tuning" which is the same tuning  as the top four strings of a guitar. D G B E. Chicago tuning is popular for guitar players wanting a new sound without learning a new key or changing chord positions they are used to. You can also tune a 4-string tenor banjo to chicago tuning.

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    The Plectrum Saratoga Star is one of the most elegantly beautiful modern banjos to enter the musical arena of classic instruments. Greg Deering personally designed the inlays with an Art Nouveau style in mind. Reminiscent of the Victorian Era, this classic violin grade maple banjo stands out as a top of the line professional instrument, at home on the...
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    17 Fret Deering Goodtime Tenor Banjo Made in America at the Deering Banjo factory in California, the Goodtime Openback 17 Fret Irish Tenor Banjo tuned to G,D,A,E produces very authentic Irish banjo tone. The lightweight maple construction produces the high end treble sound Irish tenor styles need. Just keep the head tight and it should be all the...
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    Goodtime 4-String 19 Fret Tenor Banjo Made in America at the Deering Banjo factory in California, the Goodtime openback banjo weighs about 4 pounds so it is ideal for traveling, camping, hiking, taking to the beach and provides a vibrant singing banjo tone in any situation. Also, light enough to easily hold and play and is the perfect banjo to start out...
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    Goodtime Two 19 Fret Deering Tenor Banjo All wood, rim and resonator this is a great tenor for learning to play jazz, be it Dixieland or Traditional jazz because this banjo is light weight and not as loud as a more expensive banjo so it's easier on the ears of family members. It has a very pleasant tone that certainly is vibrant without being over...
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    Goodtime Two 4-String Plectrum Deering Banjo Deering Beginner 4-String Plectrum Banjo - Goodtime Two tuned to C G B D for Dixieland, Jazz and Swing Music The Deeering Goodtime Two 4-String Plectrum Banjo is for playing dixieland, jazz and strumming the banjo. It's normally tuned to C G B D or Chicago Style List of FREE Items Included with this Banjo...
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    Deering Goodtime Two Irish 17-Fret Tenor Banjo The Goodtime Two 17-Fret Irish Tenor Banjo with wood back resonator is tuned like an octave mandolin (G,D,A,E). This makes it an easy transition for a mandolin or fiddle player. Since it is tuned to the same notes they can easily pick it up and know where the notes are, read the music or tablature used, and...
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    $0.00 Banjo Demo Video Playlist View a complete playlist of demonstration videos performed by Ross Nickerson of Recording King, Gold Tone, Deering, Nechville, Morgan Monroe and Gold Star Banjo Demo Video Playlist Gold Tone Demo Videos by Ross Nickerson More Information
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