Gold Tone OB-250 Plus with Companion Block Rim and JLS Tone Ring

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OB-250 Plus with Special Companion Block Rim and JLS Tone Ring

The Gold Tone OB-250 Plus TP with Companion Block Rim and JLS flathead tonering delivers top professional tone and performance for 1/3 the price.

Notes from Ross Nickerson on the OB-250 Plus with Companion Block Rim model from Gold Tone.
This is the deluxe of deluxe Goldtone models. It has all the features of the OB 250 Plus and the special Companion Block Rim. This banjo easily compares to the hand built banjo in the $5000 to $6000 range. Free Hard case and US shipping to. Ross N

Gold Tone has taken their celebrated OB-250 and improved it dramatically by adding many unique features reserved for only the highest-quality banjos. Upgraded features include the Bell Bronze JLS tone ring, 3-ply Birch companion block rim, Snuffy Smith maple bridge, and a deluxe hard shell case. 

List of FREE Items Included with this Banjo

  • Professional Banjo Set Up FREE Professional Banjo Set up
  • Professional Banjo Set Up FREE Zero Glide Nut Installation ($75 value)
  • Professional Banjo Set Up FREE 5th String Capo Spikes Installed on Request
  • Free Banjo Case and Gig Bags with Banjo Purchase FREE Snuffy Smith High Quality Premium Banjo Bridge FREE ($30 value)
  • Free Banjo Case and Gig Bags with Banjo Purchase FREE Official Gold Tone Hard Shell Case
  • Free Banjo Lessons Online with Banjo Purchase FREE LIFETIME PLATINUM Members Lesson Site Access ($129 reg price) more details below
  • Free US Banjo Shipping FREE Shipping - Lower 48 US States
  • Shipping a Banjo Overseas from the US $30 Shipping Credit for International, AK, HI
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Ross Nickerson - Owner of Demonstrating the OB-250 Plus

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Zero Glide Nut Installed FREE
All Gold Tone Banjos from now come with the Zero Glide Nut installed FREE
The Zero Glide makes the banjo action easier to play, increases the sound clarity and is a significant improvement for any banjo. Installation by a professional is normally done at a cost of $75 or more. It's now installed FREE on all Gold Tone Banjos.
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Ross Nickerson Demo Video

Dec 29, 2023
Getting back into it, after a long hiatus
I've been a hobby guitarist for about 40 years now, mostly classic rock and some country and fireside folk tunes. Long ago, before I realized that playing classic rock - it was just called “music” at the time - at parties and school dances, and later playing county and bluegrass in bars, wasn't going to land me a recording contract or a trip to Nashville.., I also played banjo. I started out with some kind of early Washburn 5-string, and then somehow lucked into, and right back out, of a perfect '29 Mastertone. Of course, people were paying crazy money for those at one point and my wife overheard the offer, so… That effectively ended my banjo career, as it seemed like something I would never replace. Well, now I'm not so sure. Except for weight (this one is quite heavy, or perhaps I just got old) and perhaps a bit more ‘snap’ from the maple (the '29 was all mahogany) I’d say this banjo reminds me of that ‘unicorn’ Gibson in many ways. The neck seems only slightly thicker than I remember on the ‘29, which was a relief when I first picked it up. I was expecting a thicker one. The ebony fretboard was also a nice surprise,.as most instruments in this price range seem to have rosewood ones. I prefer thinner/faster necks on everything I play and this has that attribute. It’s got a very nice and full tone, great note separation and attack, nice action all the way up (with room to go even lower), and very impressive volume. Get a mute for practice! It’s very loud. My cat already hates it.. The finish is flawless, and very shiny (so, not nitrocellulose, but nice) and the position markers are very well done, with no gaps. The maple binding on the resonator and neck, as well as the flamed maple cap on the headstock, make this banjo look very custom. Many thanks to Ross for taking the time to personally talk me through a few things that I had questions about, including suggestions for picks (Nick picks + the JD Blue Chip thumb pick) and the high-quality leather strap. Those are must-haves with this banjo. Now, back to practice. I think I’ve forgotten more than I remember! The instruction website (free with the banjo purchase) is also very well done.
Thanks Ron, I'm glad you are back picking again. I'm super impressed with the tone of these banjos and your banjo being brand new will really settle in too. Keep an eye on the head tension especially in the first few months while the head breaks in. Keep me posted. Thanks again, Ross

Feb 2, 2021
I found the tone of this instrument to rival old banjos from that elusive pre-war era. I own a TB 2 conversion and thus banjo compasses with the vintage tone of the real thing! Ordered a slightly taller bridge to bring the action up to my “preferred height.” But this banjo’s tone and playability are on par with some very big name banjo makes. With the JLS no 13 ring and the Tony Pass block style rim, Thai banjo produces sweet and pure and deep banjo tone. Honestly it compares with the best of the best and has spades of power, big round notes and bell like tones up the neck. It is hands down the very best value in a professional Bluegrass Banjo!

Jun 1, 2019
OB-250 Tony Pass
Great sounding banjo. Very solid. It was my first banjo and is still a favorite even though I now own several others.

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