Nechville Ross Nickerson Vintage Model with Flathead Tone Ring

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This Nechville Vintage model was custom made by Nechville for Ross Nickerson, owner of Its a little different from their Helimount Vintage Model. This one has the Traditional Gibson Mastertone style design with a 3 Ply Maple Rim, Flat Head Tone Ring and a one piece flange. Its a great sounding Bluegrass Banjo and it plays super easy. This model features the Vintage Neck block inlay at the 15th fret like some of the early mastertones and the inlay is in the tradition of the bold Flying Eagle Inlay with the intricacy and quality you'd expect from a Nechville Banjo.

I am on my second model and am playing it regularly so this one is not for sale, its already a little beat up from playing out with it. This would be a custom order. It's really a unique Nechvile with the straight traditional flat head tone ring, 3 ply maple rim, and one piece flange pot. It also has the flux capacitor neck (which makes time travel possible) no, not really but it does make airplane travel much easier if you want to remove the neck and put it in a suitcase. The neck comes off with an allen wrench without even removing the resonator or head. Ingenious.

The Neck is "vintage" nechville, easy to play, looks great, the one I am playing now has a radius fretboard  but I liked the standard fingerboard on the first one too.

We have added all the Nechville banjo models to and they are all available for purchase. Our prices on Nechville Banjos are our usual great deals along with free shipping, professional set up, and the free instruction that comes with each banjo purchase. Call me directly at 866-322-6567 for prices and any other advice or questions you may have.

Here are some notes on the Nechville Vintage 5-string banjo model.

I'm honored that Tom Nechville built a custom signature model for me to perform with and carry at my teaching website It's a traditional design with a 3 ply maple rim and flathead tone ring. The neck is perfect, it plays amazing and I can't tell you how impressed I am with the tone.  I'm seriously blown away with the tone, it really has a bark to it, lots of volume and the traditional sound I'm looking for. It also features the easily removable neck that Tom calls the "flux capacitor". It's an ingenious invention that makes traveling much easier. The neck can be removed safely and effectively without even taking the resonator off. Who else could engineer something so practical without sacrificing structural integrity or stability, and most importantly tone. This banjo really sounds great. I have several banjos and I shelved the others since I picked this up. Tom is know for his modern innovations and this Traditional Nechville has the look and sound traditional players are looking for but also the sleek looks, easy neck and stable construction that you'd expect from a Nechville Banjo.
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Vintage Features:
Honduras Mahogany Neck and Resonator
Amber Brown Sunburst Finish
Durable Corona Heli-Mount Frame
Slightly Wider, Comfortable Neck Profile
Premium Black Binding with Black/White Stripe
Artistic VintagePearl inlay
Premium Ivory knob Vintage Style Tuning Pegs
20 Hole Bell Bronze Tone Ring
Nechville's Exclusive Cyclotronic Rolling Rim Pot System
3 Ply Maple Rim
Nechville In-Line 3 Way Adjustable Tailpiece
Select Ebony Fingerboard with Compound 7-12" Radius Shape
Premium Hard Shell Case, with Adjustment Tools and Manual

Adjustable Radiused Neck Attachment
Stainless Steel Two Way Truss Rod
Extra Wide, Long Lasting Frets
Nechville's Supreme Quality Finish
GHS Strings: .010, .012, .014, .022, .010
Remo Medium Crown Head
Side Position Dots
Nechville In-Line Tailpiece
Nechville Enterprise Bridge
Detailed Owner's Manual
Heli-Mount and Allen Wrenches
Lifetime Warranty

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More notes on the Nechville Vintage Models

Every aspect of a Nechville banjo has been designed for acoustical superiority, convenience, comfort and aesthetics. You'll benefit from the finely crafted details and artistic approach that goes into all Nechville instruments, and you'll have plenty of reasons for pride when owning a Vintage.

The traditions of Bluegrass have long honored the "vintage" banjo designs from the 1930's. The neck starts with premium old growth Honduras Mahogany and is fashioned the old way, by hand. The fingerboard is real ebony. The inlay is a time-tested classic.

As you take the Nechville Vintage into your grasp you immediately begin sensing a uniqueness in quality. Your left hand slides smoothly and effortlessly over the fancy mahogany and ebony neck. You feel the comfort and sleekness of the polished frets, and you realize that the silky smooth and durable finish on your Vintage is just the beginning of the magic. Nechville's supreme quality finish WILL NOT CRACK like traditional lacquer finishes so there's no need to worry when you bring your banjo in from the cold.

There is a remarkable ease in the playability of the carefully crafted neck on the Nechville Vintage. The 7 to 12" compound radius of the fret board provides the comfort and quality that offers you noting accuracy and clarity of tone. This dynamic shape gives you the slimmest feel with maximum structural integrity for strength of tone. Not only is it easier to form chords and other left hand positions, but you also get clean distinctive and full bodied musical notes. You'll clearly hear the difference when you notice the absence of buzzing or other sonic interference that is so often present in other traditional banjos. The Vintage's slightly wider profile gives you plenty of room for chokes and slides. Extra wide frets form a secure foundation for the strings' anchor point on the fret board while giving you longer-lasting frets. These features of the Vintage's neck translate to incredible musical power from every note.

In Nechville's quest for uncommonly great sound and function, we have incorporated the time-tested combination of a bell bronze, pre-war style tone ring with a three-ply hard rock maple steam bent rim. Nechville coaxes every bit of tone from its own proprietary ring by machining the rim to acoustically superior dimensions and capping it with a stainless steel mounting ring.

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Nov 25, 2015
Hi Ross,
I received the Orion yesterday.The abalone is absolutely the most beautiful neck I've ever seen!!The finish is outstanding. Tone is a mellow compared to my Stelling, Deering, and Ome. I'm going to tighten the head a little. The radius fret board is really comfortable, but I do notice it will take a bit of getting used to, as well as the right hand with the different string heights. Overall, I'm very pleased.

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