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Gold Tone - AC-5 Beginner Bluegrass Banjo
Ross, My new Gold Tone AC-5 just arrived yesterday and it took everything I had from leaving work ea ...
Banjo just arrived. It's beautiful. Thanks. Will be doing a lot of picking tonight. Enjoying the ...
Recording King Deuxe Resonator Banjo Hardshell Case CG-044K-J
I have had this case for a few weeks, and it fits my Recording King banjo perfectly. It looks ...
One Size Fits All Banjo Armrest - 1Leg with Adapter
The arm rest arrived today and it fits fine. So much more comfortable now. Janet
Recording King Banjo - The Madison RK-R35 Resonator Banjo
Hello Ross, Just wanted to say I received the rk-35 today and am very impressed with both the instr ...
Paige Capo for Banjo
I just got a wide Paige capo to go one my Gold Tone OB 150 banjo. I was using a different Paige cap ...
Scorpion Bridges by Silvio Ferretti
I just put this in my Recording King RK-R20, and the difference is obvious. I had read many good th ...

What Gold has that Silver Doesn't

What's inside for Members when you join
As a member you can save videos to your computer. The members site has over 100 free videos, 50 lesson and song videos with matching tab and over 100 free tab files. Gold Members Only Banjo Lesson Site Description and Discounts

Silver, Gold and Platinum Members All Receive the Following Banjo Lessons and Benefits.

Gold Members also receive these items, read details
Platinum Members also receive these items, read details

Silver membership is $39.95 for one year. You can also receive a free one year Silver membership automatically at checkout with any purchases over $100

Some of What's inside for All Members
Archived Intermediate Lesson Videos
There are 48 lessons that you can download and keep. Lot's of banjo playing techniques and songs for Beginner and Intermediate Players. There is a list of the 8 lesson videos below in the long description section.

Important banjo lessons for beginners just getting started! Beginner Online Lesson Option 1 a 12.95 value along with three songs from the 24 Songs Online Lessons

Members receive a 25% discount on all instructional items with some accessories and instructional items on sale for even more off.

Discounted Accessories and "Sale of the Month" Discounted accessories for members including Nick Picks, Tuners and Capos with a special item on sale each month

Must Know Licks Bundle 3 Is included when you become a member

Rock Solid Banjo Timing Online Lesson included when you become a member

40 song videos with matching tab Ross Nickerson Videos and MP3 recordings in their entirety

Advanced Tab Transcriptions including Dueling Banjos Movie Transcription, Take it Easy and Stairway to Heaven.

Banjo Encyclopedia Tips and Video Lessons pertaining to pages and lessons from the Banjo Encyclopedia

More than 50 Ask the Banjo Teacher columns and instruction articles

Archived Lesson Videos
The monthly lesson videos with tab that are archived each month for members.
I filmed the free banjo lessons from September of 2006 to August 2010, there are 48 in all.

Archived monthly lessons now include quite a few video lessons that go with lessons that are in my Book, The Banjo Encyclopedia, "Bluegrass Banjo from A to Z".
Including lessons on Chapter 14, Playing in Different Keys on the banjo, keys of C, D, and playing up the neck.

A list of the 48 Archived Lesson Videos for members is posted in the long description below.
These are streaming video lessons of either a banjo song, a particular important lick or even a fun thing to play that you can add to the songs you already know.
Click here for the lesson names

Members Only Site Frequently Asked Questions

If you are making other purchases now on the non members site before receiving your password, you will still receive the 25% discount on instructional items, we process it manually when the order comes through with the membership. Note: the 25% discount applies to all Ross Nickerson Learn to play banjo Books, Online Banjo Lessons, DVDs, CDs and CD-Roms. Any accessories and banjos are at their regular discounted prices. Once logged in there are special other items on sale for members and all monthly discounted items stay on sale for members all year.

A list of the 48 Archived Monthly Lesson Videos available for all members.

Learn the banjo 3-2 pull off, How to get better banjo tone, Banjo help with the middle finger, Banjo finger exercises, Learn banjo back up, Playing the melody on banjo, Banjo practice advice, Questions about banjo tab, Banjo songs that sound good slower, Learning the 2-3-2 hammer-on pull-off lick. Right hand banjo instruction, How to fret better on banjo and improve the left hand, Learning more from the bluegrass encyclopedia of banjo, Trouble with playing banjo chords, How to progress faster learning banjo, How to capo the fifth string, Banjo chords for different keys, How to play up the neck; Cumberland Gap, Learning to play the D chord on banjo, Banjo practice; trying too hard, Trouble with the index finger while picking banjo, Banjo forward roll tips, Getting better at banjo; skill building, Trying to pick up some speed, How to relax when playing banjo, Bending and choking the banjo strings, Banjo Advice: How long should I practice? Learning the D chord part in Beverly Hillbillies / Jed Clampett, Learn the banjo 3-2 pull off, Left hand muting, Questions on using a preamp with a Fishman Banjo Pickup, fingers tensing up, putting one or two fingers on the head, Trouble finding tab for a banjo song, Tightening the banjo head, Playing without tab, What should I practice? Banjo timing tips and instruction, Adding a bounce to a roll, Take it Easy banjo tab question, banjo set up advice, How to put a banjo capo on, How to get a better sounding banjo pull off or push up, radius neck advice, Preparing for a banjo workshop, How to capo the fifth string and many more.New Ask the Banjo Teacher column Jed Clampett D Chord Section

Free Silver Members 1 Year Subscription for purchases over $100

Silver membership is $39.95 for one year. You can also receive a free one year Silver membership automatically at checkout with any purchases over $100

You can join for 1, 2 or 3 years at a discount.

This is the Page for the Silver One Year Members Lesson Site Access Subscription

Silver One year Members Lesson Access Subscription

Purchase Members Site Subscriptions

Any purchase that totals to more than $100.0 receives the Members Only Site 1 Year Subscription FREE

Silver One Year Members Lesson Access - $39

Gold Three Year Members Lesson Access - $89

Platinum Membership LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP- $149

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