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Banjo Practice Advice

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 Banjo Practice Advice

Question about the best products to learn from someone who is frustrated with keeping up with the tracks in the How to Build Your Speed on the Banjo Book


The new backup play along CDs are probably the best banjo practice advice I could give for improving playing the songs you know, They are much slower than the Speed book tracks. The fastest speed is about the same as slow speed on the speed building book.

If you get one or both of those, be sure to read the instructions and tips thoroughly at the beginning of the tab booklet. There are so many parts of your playing you can work on with those tracks, but you may not realize a lot of that on your own.


Here is the link to the Backup Play Along Tracks - Vol1

Here is the link to the Backup Play Along Tracks - Vol2


PS, I recommend reading the text in the speed book and perhaps thinking some of these things through more deeply before you attempt to play some of the exercises in the book, in particular the song Dixie Breakdown, that advice may help too.


Thanks again,


Ross Nickerson

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