Head tightening, torque wrench and banjo set up

Head tightening, torque wrench and banjo set up

Question, concerning banjo head tightening.

I know that Steve Huber (in his dvd) talks about tightening the head to a G# but I can't hear any tone on the head myself so I won't be able to use that procedure. I think my head is tight enough, but I don't know if there is a way to be sure. I guess if it sounds good to me it must be ok. Thanks for your great service and very good instruction which I use daily. You'll be hearing from me again soon. Charlie Brodeur

Answer from Ross N.

If the bridge is sagging, I would say the head is lose unless the bridge is old and somehow sagging on its own. The G# thing is tricky, the only way I do it, and I'm never completely confident I have it right is.

Cover or mute strings with your left hand, scratch the head with your right hand, and try to match the pitch with your voice. like a falsetto , mmmmmmmm sound, then hold that pitch and then fret and pluck a G# or the notes around G #, that's how you match it.

I also faintly remember hearing that is was 12 or 12.5 on the torque wrench, but in this case, I don't use one, so I'm not an expert on that either, the key to the wrench is that it helps you get even pressure.

Trying a snuffly smith bridge might be an option too. I recommend the style two for sound and quality, and I like the compensated G feature, thanks, Ross

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
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