Questions about banjo tab

Questions about banjo tab

Questions about banjo tab:

This is a reply from a student that I sent some updated tab fixes related to the first batch of Backup Play Along CDs I produced.

Thanks! Great reply and support. You'll have my business whenever you have what I need, even if you're not the "low bid". You put the customer first. It's a pleasure to conduct business this way. Regards.

Reply from Ross Nickerson

I'm glad you feel that way, I was worried you would not be satisfied with just the tab files by email. The full size correction pages printed out will be easier to use anyway.

I get a little bit of an attitude with any issues with the tab related the backup tracks in particular. That's because it's my feeling, and desire for students to get away from the tab with these tracks, to try to fill in the space where they forget, (or the tab is wrong or doesn't suit them:) and practice just picking along really, that is your goal, not to memorize my arrangements or anyone else's note for note. The goal is to learn the correct technique of banjo playing and then being able to add to it, recover from mistakes and experience the joy of making your own decisions with the tune that you are playing.

I flip these tracks on and just pick, if you asked me to play it like it was in the book without the tab in front of me, its unlikely I could, or care if I could, as long as played the correct chords, picked with good technique, stayed in time and got the melody at least enough to recognize the tune, no one would be the wiser, in fact I'm sure it would be more impressive than accomplishing even 95% of a memorized tune and playing stiffly trying to hold to an arrangement

That's my two cents.

Prioritize picking along and recovering from mistakes, and developing overall skills, rather than the tab arrangements. I'm going to put an updates page for this series and other books of mine on my members site soon.

Here is the link to the Backup Play Along Tracks.

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
( )==='==~

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