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It will get you off to solid start learning 5 string banjo the correct and easy way.
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Here are some of the Free Tabs at

More songs like these available at the Ross Nickerson Banjo Books/CDs and DVDs page

banjo book beginners
The most comprehensive Beginning Banjo Book/DVD/CD there is by Ross Nickerson
Learn banjo with all the basics. Picking, songs, chords, tuning, proper bluegrass technique and all you need to get off to a solid start. Ross guides you along using his easy to read Book, DVD and Audio His clear, practical, helpful, straight to the point banjo lessons will make it easy to learn. The 64 page wirebound book is very complete and includes two high quality audio CDs and a two hour split screen close-up DVD. More Information

banjo encyclopedia
Ross Nickerson's best selling banjo book.The Banjo Encyclopedia "Bluegrass Banjo from A to Z"
The Banjo Encyclopedia is a comprehensive, in-depth banjo instructional book and CD that covers in depth the intricacies of bluegrass banjo playing, including numerous topics that have been overlooked in banjo instruction to date. The Banjo Encyclopedia can take a student from the beginning, to intermediate, and right through to more advanced styles of banjo playing.More InformationHere are two free Mp3s from the Advanced Songs chapter in the Mel Bay Book by Ross Nickerson,The Banjo Encyclopedia Tab for these songs in The Banjo Encyclopedia

J.D.Crowe Banjo Tab Books


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The Members Site now has over 100 free videos, 50 lesson and song videos with matching tab, over 100 free tab files, more than 50 Ask the Banjo Teacher columns and instruction articles, Banjo Encyclopedia tips, 25 Ross Nickerson recordings in their entirety, and other assorted help and instruction support. Members also receive a 25% discount on all instructional items with some accessories and instructional items on sale for even more off. 24.95

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Ross Nickerson Performance Videos / 17 in all

There are 17 in the player, to watch the next one, just hit the arrow in the player.

Videos of Ross's New Band X Train

New Live Video of X Train from Harrietville Bluegrass Festival in Australia


New Ross Nickerson CD

Let's Kick It

Straight ahead bluegrass banjo recorded with members of Blue Highway, Rob Ickes, Shawn Lane, Tim Stafford and Wayne Taylor
Sound bytes of all 14 songs here

online lessons

New Online Lessons available at

The new lessons include over 100 Must Know Licks in nine different important categories of banjo playing.
The subjects covered are Beginnings, Endings, and Turnarounds - Must Know Scruggs Licks - Backup Banjo - Up the Neck Banjo - Slow Banjo Styles - Blues Banjo - Bending the Strings - Chromatic, Triplets and Fun Licks, along with Melodic and Single String Styles

I've also upgraded the videos for my Beginner courses, added four new songs in high qualify video, and ....another three new lessons that are keys to advancing, How to Use a Metronome and Timing Exercises, Playing Chords to a song with a Simple Roll and Learning the Chord Forms Up and Down the Neck.
Click here to find out more about these new videos

Video samples of the Banjo Online Lessons at

Online Lessons

Sample of the monthly lessons that are archived on the Members Only Site
These I do at home and are not up to the standard of the Online Banjo Lessonsfor sale but
they should still be helpful to you.
You can view the videos in either windows media or on the flash player below. If for any reason your browser will not play the flash movies, there is a link below the flash version of the demonstration videos in easy to play Windows Media Videos. members only site

Scroll over the flash player below and click play, if the screen is white, give it a second to load

banjo cruise
The Banjo Cruise

Banjo Workshops at Sea!

Have fun in the sun and
improve your banjo playing.

Here are some of the other books from Ross Nickerson that you can purchase with more tab, instruction and CDs.
Here are links below to a page that tells more about them.

rhythum backup band
Rhythm Backup Play Along CDs and DVD For Five-String Banjo by Ross Nickerson

Accents for the melody notes, easy to read tab, rhythm back up band tracks to play along with, comes with CD and DVD.

This book comes with a backup band to play along with, along with large easy to read tab, a lot of tips on playing the chords to the song, memorizing, and fingering help.

Newly Revised and Improved-Available with DVD and CD.
Christmas banjo
More Banjo Lesson Books

Popular Christmas Tunes for 5-string banjo
Comes with both a DVD and CD of the songs played at 3 tempos for easy learning, also includes a rhythm backup track to play along with.

More Banjo Music Books

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