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Ross Nickerson explains and simplifies some of the most critical and sought after skills in playing the 5-string banjo. Ross communicates and approaches these challenges in a practical sensible way in a home setting, turning the learning process into a light going off, not another pile to dig out of. 

1- How to Play the Melody on The Banjo 
Ross Nickerson demonstrates an easy to understand approach that will teach you the skills needed to bring out the melody in all the songs you play and learn on the 5-string Banjo. Ross will simplify the process and point out the "way it works" so you don't have to learn it the hard way. Bringing out the melody on a 5-string banjo is tricky. The banjo is unlike most other instruments that are able to sustain a note, for instance a voice, violin or horn. We have to learn to weave to melody notes into a constant and steady stream of 1/4 note and 1/8th notes (sometimes called rolls). Ross shows you how it's done and will give you the knowledge to apply it to all the songs you learn. 
2 - How to Learn a Song Quick From Tab
Learn how to quickly pull what's needed from the tab, how to practice the song, memorize and quickly play from one end to the other without looking at the tab. Ross shows you a step by step approach for getting it done right the first time and on to the next song. Tablature makes learning songs easier only if you use it properly. Let Ross show you how he gets his students playing and practicing by ear in no time.
3 - What You Need to Know to Play Banjo 
Ross explains the essential elements of 5-string bluegrass banjo playing. He gets right down to the bottom line, shows you what brings it all together and how to connect the pieces of the puzzle. There are tips on, the licks that really matter, how to play based on the chords, how to play banjo backup, how to solo effectively when you don't already know the song, timing, how arrangements work and other time saving no nonsense demonstrations and suggestions. This simple lesson should make everything more sensible to you and save you hours of practice.


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