All Four Intermediate Banjo Lessons with Bonus Learning The Banjo Chord Shapes and Forms Lesson

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Ross Nickerson Online lessons available for intermediate pickers.

Learn up the neck, chords, backup, playing a song you know on the 5-string banjo and learn to play the banjo faster.

There is no expiration for the online access and you can download and keep the videos, MP3's and Tabs too.

  • You receive instructions to access ALL these lessons immediately after purchase!
  • Streaming video banjo lessons with tab, text and soundfiles.
  • Includes video to see how it's done, tablature and text that you can print out.
  • Easy viewing on Windows, Mac, IPad, IPhone and Droids

Here are the intermediate banjo lessons included:
See a detailed description below(MORE INFO) for each Lesson

  1. Backup Banjo for Beginners and New Intermediates
  2. Up The Neck for Beginners and New Intermediates
  3. Secrets to Building Speed in Your Right Hand
  4. Adapting an Easy Melody to Bluegrass Banjo
  5. Learning the Chord Forms

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Here are the intermediate banjo lesson descriptions

Backup Banjo for Beginners and New Intermediates
I cover many basics of playing backup including, chords, vamping, picking backup, backup exercises and more.
The lesson includes a 20 minute video, chord chart, tablature and text.

Up The Neck for Beginners and New Intermediates
I will teach how and give you insights into taking a down the neck solo and transposing it into an up the neck solo.
This valuable technique you should teach you to create your own up the neck solos and licks.
Using the Earl Scruggs classic Fireball Mail and other licks I teach the techniques he used to create his high breaks.
The lesson includes a twenty minute video and tablature.

Secrets to Building Speed in Your Right Hand
If you've ever been frustrated with playing the songs you know up to speed this lesson should help you.
I will show you techniques that could save you many hours of practice time and help you get more enjoyment out of your banjo playing.
The lesson includes twenty plus minutes of video, and comes with tablature.

Adapting an Easy Melody to Bluegrass Banjo
Have you ever wanted to play a certain song you like in Scruggs Style but you didn't know where
to start, couldn't find tab or wanted to create your own arrangement?
This valuable lesson will help you to learn the techniques needed to take a simple melody that we all know
and make a Scruggs Style arrangement from it.
This lesson includes over twenty minutes of video, and tablature.

Learning the Chord Forms
This is 24 minute streaming video banjo lesson on learning all the chord forms without using a chord chart. Much the way Ross Nickerson's book The Banjo Encyclopedia presents learning the chords but illustrated and shown to you on video. It's a simple and easy to remember method which should save you a lot of time learning these important chords and positions the hard way. This video is an excerpt for the Banjo Jamming and Play Along DVD. If you already own that DVD, there is no need to purchase this lesson.

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