Playing in the Keys of C, D, E, F and G Up the Neck Online DVD

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Playing in the Keys of C, D, E, F and G Up the Neck DVD By Ross Nickerson - Online DVD Version

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Play Banjo in Different Keys Easier while in Open G Tuning with No Re-tuning

Learn how to play banjo in different keys while in Standard G tuning

Ross simplifies this difficult transition and makes it easy to transpose what you know already to these other keys. There are many similarities to playing banjo in these keys and with a few simple tips you can learn to transpose quickly from key to key. Ross takes you through several banjo songs playing each song in a different key, He demonstrates plaiting the songs in the keys of C, D, E, F and G up the neck all using movable chord shapes. He points out the subtle differences in each key and demonstrates how to adapt quickly. Knowing where the commonly used melody notes are in these shapes really simplifies this task and makes what may have seemed overwhelming more easily attainable.

This DVD is for intermediate and more advanced players and a must for students who are beginning to play with others and don't' want to be stuck in the key of G forever. Read Below and view all the chapters, demonstrations and material covered in the 2 hour I understand your ideas and have a clear plan for knowing "what to practice" this time around. I look forward to becoming more versatile in jam sessions in 2015...

DVD includes Tablature

Song Demonstrations: There are several songs used to demonstrate playing the same song in the keys of C, D, E, F and Up the neck in G. All songs are performed at slow, medium and fast tempos. There is tablature included for each song. There are also special feature songs performed by Ross Nickerson in the key of D and D minor.

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Playing Banjo in the Key of C, D, E, F and G Up the Neck Key things covered on this DVD

Movable Chord Positions

Forms or Shapes

Playing Melody Notes in the D position

Understanding Where The Most Common Melody Notes are Located

Location of Commonly Used Melody Notes in the D form

Tips and Advice on Playing Songs you Don’t Know

Transposing Commonly Used Melody Notes

Location of Commonly Used Melody Notes in the Key of C

More on Positions Used for Melody Notes in the Key of C

Playing in Different Tunings

Leaving Fingers Free for Melody Notes When Playing

Playing in the Key of E

Where to Capo the Fifth String in D or E

Most Common Mistakes Transitioning From the Key of G to the Key of D

Playing in the Key of F

Playing Up the Neck in G out of the D shape

Finding the Notes with The Left Hand

Tips on Playing Lonesome Road Blues in D

More Tips and Advantages to Learning to Play in D

Advice on Using a Capo, Learning the Chords in the Key of D

Playing a Chord Progression with the Nashville Number System

Learning the First Progression G D F C E Bm Am D7

Chord Progression Demonstration / Vamping

Tips on Practicing Chord Progressions

Learning the Chord

Progression in Other Keys

Learning the Chord Progression in Key Of D

Chord Progression Demonstration in the Key of D

Moving the Progression in Key of D Up the Neck

More Chord Progression Practice Tips and Advice

Moving the Chord Positions Up in the Key of D

First Chord, Positions Up in the Key of D

Second Chord Positions Up in the Key of D

Splitting the Chords Up Each

Measure and Muscle Memory

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