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Banjo Mate Tone Enhancer - Nickel Plated

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Increases volume, enhances different tonal qualities & installs in minutes.... The BanjoMate is mounted on the inside back surface of your Resonator with a supplied Velcro fastening system. It can be easily added. It really works and its fun to move it around testing different tone effects that changing the positioning adds the your banjo tone.

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Feb 22, 2017
Banjo-greetings from Estonia,
I just want to say, that this ordered BanjoMate Tone Enhancer works really great!!! My 25 year old Epiphone (by Gibson) MB250 sounds like granny on strong drugs;))))))) Louder and sharp (what I needed). Thanks a lot and it's really nice to have a good, trustful and professional friends from other side of the planet;) Banjo-greetings from Estonia, Raivo

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