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Little Mountain Wood Banjo Armrest Fits all Brackets and Looks Great
I ordered the thinline armrest for my Deering 6 string Goodtime banjo, and it is wonderful. The cur ...
Greg Allen Signature Model Stainless Steel Banjo Picks
Some people’s fingers are to close together when playing with the coated picks. So I can coat them ...
Gold Tone OT-800 Long Neck
My first banjo was a goldtone and it has served me well. However many of the musicians who led me to ...
Gold Tone AC-5+1 Banjo with an Extra Low G String
Very good banjo been playing it a long time and it's held up.
Gold Tone OB-Grandee Gold Plated Bluegrass Banjo Granada
This is the banjo I have been searching for all my life. I bought a Twanger a few years back, and i ...
Gold Tone CC-100RW (WIDE NECK) and Case FREE Beginner Package
I have played other instruments in my life and was set on getting a banjo at some point. Where I'm f ...
Gold Tone OB-Grandee Gold Plated Bluegrass Banjo Granada
Got the banjo today and couldn't be happier. It's beautiful and sounds really pretty. If I played ...

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Thank you! It is always a pleasure with you guys. You have what I need and always very helpful! Julie Aylward

You guys rock with your very thorough communication! - Luv Banjoteacher - Thanks Bryan Davidson

The replacement package arrived. Thank you very much for your excellent service and quality parts. If I ever need any more you will be the one I go to. - Regards, - Jerry

...I just want to thank you for excellent service and the fastest shipment I have ever received on anything. Your products are top quality and at great price. I will be back, Thank you again Gary

...I just wanted to take a moment to thank you personally, regarding shipping my orders from Banjo Simply you do a great job!!!Bob Levy

Thanks Ross for only charging actual price of shipping thru USPS. Shipping cost was $3.85. I ordered an item from a local store of about the same weight. It was going to cost $15 for shipping thru UPS. ( I didn't buy it ). The store said they didn't add to shipping cost. You & your Team are saving your customers $ on shipping using USPS. So glad Y'all researched & found the best for US! Bob Mccoy

Thank you Ma'am! Your promptness to customer service has always been "on point." That's why I'm a fan of I swear by your products and I am a fan of Mr. Nickerson.  Darren

Kathy, do you ever sleep? The order turn around is amazing. I appreciate it but don’t work too hard Steve

..........Thanks Ross!. You never cease to amaze me with your quick response and super customer service! Gordon

........Item arrived today Kathy! Well pleased with it and your terrific service! Many thanks. Maurice Jordan UK 

.......Thank you Ross for all of your help. It's refreshing to deal with a person and company with such great customer service. I appreciate it very much.

.... Kathy you are an Angel!!!  In talking with my son (David) this morning (his birthday) I discovered he got your package and opened it. (it got past his wife who was going to hold it 'til Christmas) To his surprise he found a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift with tag and all. That totally blew my mind!  Your thoughtfulness and special attention to this small order has been beyond awesome. A mere Thank You doesn’t seem adequate, but Thank You! I truly appreciate all you’ve done. Jayne

......Wow, thanks a lot for the quick response and for getting this straightened out so fast.I really appreciate everything. Awesome doing business with you folks, and will definitely be telling others how well you've treated me and how happy I am with your products.. Thanks again.Scott Grossman 

.... Thanks so much for your help in this! You and your organization are a perfect example of EXCELLENT customer care and service. Thanks so much for helping me out. I'll definately refer your company to others!! Thanks again!!! Dennis 

.....Wow fast service I ordered a variety of items on the 3rd and received them on the 6th. Thank You I look for to shopping your store in the future. Ron Mathews
.....Thanks for the update. The folks at Banjoteacher are very customer focused - which is much appreciated.

..... I really am impressed with your service and integrity. Its rare to get the personal touch these days and I very much appreciate your efforts. Its a pleasure dealing with you and I wouldn't hesitate to give you the strongest recommendation to anyone who asked. Jeff 

......Thanks a lot!  I really appreciate your prompt service and business integrity. Terry

.....You guys are already miles beyond most online company's customer service. Let me know when it ships. Scott

...... I wanted to let you know that I received the order this afternoon and to thank you for the great service. This is my 3rd order from and I have been completely satisfied with everything from the banjo parts/accessories to the WL-250 banjo that I have purchased. Keep up the good work. Thank you, David

Excellent! Thank you so much for your speedy shipping :) Cheers Michelle
Kathy, do you ever sleep? The order turn around is amazing. I appreciate it but don’t work too hard Steve

..... Thanks for your help and for the professional way and manner you'all operate your business and......... You have very good web site .......... I will recomend it to my friends for sure .........!!! I will be intouch from time to time ......Thanks.!! Herb Hill..... 

...... I just wanted to say thanks for the unbelievable speed you provided when I ordered a banjo strap from you. I ordered it on friday morning and received it on Monday. That's crazy! I will definitely be doing more business with you. Thanks again, Barry

........Thanks for the delivery of the disc. Your service is excellent.

Thank you very much. Many times online companies will not do what you did. This says a lot about the integrity of your team and leadership. Thanks for your commitment to your customers. James Forrest

.....Thanks Ross! You are the Customer Service Banjo KING!

Your service is amazing. Thank you very much. Jim 

Hi Kathy ! Received your package today, all in good stead! Just love both items and the quality is excellent as well. Thank you for the caring customer service. Good day to you! Regards, Bob

Thank you very much. It is really refreshing to know that there folks out there that really care about and take care of their customer. It is a pleasure do business with you. K. Lamar Thomas 

Hi Kathy, thank you very much. The return policy is excellent. I will surely buy from BanjoTeacher again! Dave Ramos

….Nick and Kathy,  I made my order on Thursday and received the order on Monday. Wow that is very fast shipping and I love the books and pick I ordered. Thank You, Larry Harrison

.....Ross, Thanks again for the over-the-top weekend personal customer service. It was great to get the problem fixed instead of going through the wasteful return/re-purchase process. 

... I am looking forward to getting the new one. I also would like to take this time to say I like your web page, and the way you do business. I am a business owner in Indiana and appreciate your customer service. I definitely will continue to purchase from your company. Thanks again. I will also email you when I get the new tuner.. Kevin A. Brower

My order just arrived in good order. Thank you for such prompt service. Truly impressive! Keith Harper 

......I just wanted to let you know that I "already" received my order for the banjo materials that I ordered, "Beginning the Five-String Banjo", "The Banjo Song Book" and a set of thumb and finger picks. That is some of the fastest shipping I believe I have ever experienced. So I am really looking forward to getting started. In perusing the material it sure looks like something I can follow along with and most important understand. Since you really emphasize the importance of learning the aspect of "timing" I am definitely going to focus on that initially, even if it takes a while to grasp it

......I am very pleased with the materials that I received and especially the quality of the materials and how they are put together in binder form which is exactly what I need as I will be flipping back and forth many many times in my quest to learn the five-string banjo.

......Just a quick note to say thanks for the outstanding, superlative service you provided. I called six days ago about a beginner banjo package…you answered all of my questions in terms I, as a beginner, could understand. When I told you I needed the banjo soonest, you called the factory direct and made sure not only that I got it by the date I needed it (I got it today, five days early!), but you got an upgrade for me at the same price! This kind of service is extraordinary, and extraordinarily rare. I’m just starting out, but you can count on me coming back to

... the honesty and integrity of You and your Company that is so appreciated. We need more responcible people in the world, Please tell Ross thank you for being the gentleman he is and for hiring wonderful ladies like you for his company. Now I just hope I can learn a little from your Banjo Program, thanks again Kathy, and have a wonderfiul time during the Holidays, sincerely, Bill 

Just wanted to let you know that everything has arrived just as advertised. Everything is fantastic. Your customer service is superb. I appreciated the personal service. The banjo itself - the Gold Tone CC100r+ is beautiful. Simple. I couldn't tell from your video's but it really is a nice warm rustic brown, like chocolate. Sounds great too. Mellow like. Sounds just like I hoped my first banjo would sound.  Rings well but not tinny or annoying. 
Thanks for everything you do. I wish you all the best in the world.  Keep up the great work
Sincerely, Kevin L. Bowker

A customer from Australia 
my banjo arrived today in one piece and looks and feels great ,the case is 1st class. im a happy man.(shipping from america to my post office in vic,australia took only 6 days ) i like the weight- finish-action and tone.(would you believe the banjo was in tune ) it was my lucky day when i discovered you over the internet and i will have no hesitation in recomending your service. oh by the way im making full use of your members only site that was a great bonus. i know youve heard this praise many times before,but it is deserved.
geoff draper

.....Mr. Nickerson, thank you for passing along your extensive knowledge of the five-string banjo to those of us who want to learn how to proficiently play it

....Thanks for the delivery of the disc. Your service is excellent.

...... I just wanted to say thanks for the unbelievable speed you provided when I ordered a banjo strap from you. I ordered it on friday morning and received it on Monday. That's crazy! I will definitely be doing more business with you. Thanks again, Barry 

...My order arrived yesterday (Monday 22 Feb), which wassurprisingly quick. The Greg Atkins comfort picks and Nick Picks are fantastic. Great products & Great service. Thankyou. Simon Bush Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia

...All the best for Christmas and the New Year to you Ross, and everyone at Banjoteacher. Regards. Stan Ravenscroft

....."I would like to take the time and effort to say "thanks" for the quick response and effort to satisfy a customer of yours. I will not forget it and will continue to shop at your store. Thank you again for being so kind."

......Thanks guys, for the very fast shipment of this order. I appreciate it! Judy

....Thanks for beating my lowest quote and thanks again for shipping to my dads work address. He would rather have it shipped where he could receive it rather than it waiting on the doorstep all day. I will definitely will be back to order again! Great customer service

........WOW FAST DELIVERY,I'M PICKING AND A GRINING! guys are great and i appreciate your rapid response and quick action in taking care of your customers needs. If you were here i'd give you a great big hug. Looking forward to receiving the CD. Thanks again and take care

......I just wanted to thank you for helping my wife, Mary in fulfilling my Christmas Wish List. My new Deluxe Banjola is beautiful and I love that mellow sound. Mary really likes it also

......Thanks for your great products and service. You're the best !

..........Thank you for sending me the two Nick Picks you kindly offered to help me overcome a problem, I am still experimenting but so far they've enabled me to practice with more comfort and clearer tone than I have managed previously. Your help and kindness is appreciated and has reinforced my respect for you and the care you show your customers. Thanks again

........The Banjo Encyclopedia is more than I dreamed it would be. I could have saved myself a lot of money if I had started with this one book rather than buying 4 or 5 others to figure out which I liked best. Ross is so professional and so in tune with beginner and intermediate weaknesses. What a great teacher. I'll be looking for any workshops in 2005 that are within reasonable traveling distance. I'm still having a hard time with the vamping but hope to master it in 2005

........Shopping with you was very easy and convenient. Thanks Linda

......Have a great time on the cruise

.......I was so impressed with Ross and his selection of teachers for the banjo cruise he will get my business for banjo supplies from here on out. I bought his banjo "bible" and love it!! Only problem is now I want to play banjo rather than work! Love Dwayne T. Burt, Lancaster, PA

.........Just wanted to send you a quick thanks for replacing the CD that came with my Banjo Encyclopedia so promptly. I called you on 1/10/05 to tell you I was having trouble with it, and just three days later received the replacement CD! As usual, you guys are top-notch!.Best regards,
Dan Quiroga

.......What great customer service!!! Thanks alot

... I look forward in using you again. Thanks again.

......I Just wanted to drop a note to you and thank you for your fast response. I consider you to have very good customer service

.......Thanks for keeping in touch during the purchasing phase of my new Goldtone OB 250+. Buying a banjo from Australia and getting it shipped to my sister's house was something I was not keen to do but was real important to me as my Dad is not long for this earth and I came up from "down under" wanted to share some time and music with him. And the delivery occurred just as you said. The instrument and all accessories were at the house and waiting when I arrived. And I have to admit I was not expecting what I got. I own a 20 year old banjo that was hand made in Kentucky and is an absolute delight. I didn't think anything would come close to it but I figured a "storebought" could be my workhorse, campfire banjo. Surprise. The OB250+ is a real gem with a slightly stronger voice than my handmade. I like it as much or more than my old banjo. It feels great to play and with a few hundred hours of playing will get even better. The neck, with its tiger stripes and the inlay and all are pleasing just to look at and even the case is a cut above other cases!
So anyway. Thanks again. It really meant a lot and you really came through for me

......I ordered an Intelli imt-500 tuner on Wednesday, August the 8th. I chose regular mail (7 to 10 day delivery. I received it today, the 13th. I was amazed at the fast delivery. Thanks for the great service. This thing is fantastic. I've been using an older Boss TU 60 tuner with led lights that go right or left for sharp or flat. I couldn"t believe how easy and accurate this tuner is. Once again thanks again for the great service.

Testimonial for Morgan Monroe MGB-1C sent to Norway
....Hi Ross! The eagle has landed !!! It is absolutely beautiful, and actually it was in tune. I have now tuned it up to G and I'm starting my first lesson.Thanks for helping me with this, and I'm utterly satisfied with my choice of instrument. (The book and the strap has also arrived)
Best regards, Terje Sundet
(owner of a nice banjo)

......That's damn good service! Thank you Ross. It was a pleasure to deal with someone I can actually 'talk' to and I am VERY anxious to see that sparkly new banjo!!! Thanks again for your effort and for the back and forth phone conversations. I really do appreciate your help.
Rory McCulloch

White Laydie Banjo Shipped to France
Hello Ross, I received the banjo yesterday. It’s nice and sounds great. Thank you again. What about your stay in Paris ? Sincerely. Pierre

White Laydie Banjo shipped to Australia 
Ross ...I am more than happy with my new Gold Tone Banjo, Banjo arrived safely.... excellent service, 
thanks again ...superfast to get here by the way, very impressive.

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