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Beautiful and exotic wood Comfort Bevel Wood Armrests for banjo are a new dimension in comfort!

These comfortable wood banjo armrests not only look great but are ingeniously designed to fit any banjo and have a ergonomic curved surface for your wrist.

These banjo armrests made out of wood work great, way better for comfort and look a 100% better to me. They really makes the banjo look classier too. Because of the contrast between the high quality wood and nickel hardware on a banjo any slight variations in the shade or grain of the wood all blend no matter what. I never saw one of these I didn't like the look of.

I have one on the my Nechville Nickerson Signature banjo and added one to my Stelling Staghorn. They fit any banjo because of the way they attach too.

Nechville added this product in response to a growing number of players complaining of irritation or blocked blood circulation from cold, hard traditional metal armrests.

The curved top surface allows a more relaxed and natural arm position.

They are compatible with conventional (Hook and Nut style) banjos, as well as Nechville's patented Heli-Mount banjos.

These are well worth the money and will last forever.
They can easily be transferred to other banjos (just two screws)

I've got one of these and its a great alternative to the scuffed up looking nickel armrests and cold steel feel you get from most armrests. They really add a touch of class to your banjo too. Ross Nickerson

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They fit any banjo! They attach onto the lip edge of the head, not the brackets. Easy installation!

To attach the Comfort Bevel Armrest to any size banjo, follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Remove the resonator, if applicable.
  • 2. Use a Philips head screw driver to tighten the Z-shaped clips under the head of the banjo.
  • 3. If more tension is desired, bend the Z-clips slightly with pliers.
  • 4. Follow this procedure for all conventional banjos.


Mar 29, 2017
Awesome Armrest!
Just got my new beveled wood armrest in the mail today. Out of the package and on my banjo in under ten minutes. It's a great addition to my banjo that upgrades its looks, and it is so comfortable. I think I'm even playing faster with it!As a bonus, got this out to me pronto. I think it was four days, and that was over a weekend.
Thanks for the good comments Curt. Kathy my shipping manager is amazing. She does not like anything waiting around. I love the wood armrest too. I have one on my main two banjos too. Its ingenious that it fits any banjo, that seems to be the biggest challenge with armrests. the one size fits all so this one is great for looks, comfort and it fits any banjo. Thanks again, Ross Nickerson

Dec 16, 2016
I bought this armrest after an injury that made it difficult to hold my arm in the traditional position . I love it! Not only has it made playing amazingly comfortable, it is beautiful as well. My banjo teacher saw it and is going to buy one too.
That makes me happy! Really glad the wood banjo armrest made it easier for you to play your banjo. Thanks again for letting us know, Ross Nickerson

Oct 3, 2015
Wow...why did I wait so long to get a new armrest
Wow...why did I wait so long to get a new armrest. I had a classic nickel plated 90 degree armrest that was about half an inch off the banjo head. That 90 degree angle would slowly put more and more pressure on the muscles and tendons in the underside of my forearm. I was progressing fine, but the pressure would become uncomfortable at times and seemed totally unnecessary. Why they designed armrests with a 90 degree angle instead of a nice bevel like this wooden armrest I will never know... Anyway installation of this armrest is super simple and its rock solid. Well worth the cost, great product!

Aug 20, 2015
Dear Ross and Kathy,
My order arrived on Monday and I am delighted. Everything is just as described. The Nechline wooden armrest for banjo is just great and was easy to install on my Deering Vega II. It's much more comfortable than what came with it.

Aug 9, 2015
armrests and they are GREAT
Thanks! - got the armrests and they are GREAT. Banjo is soo much more comfortable and have improved already. A result of consultations at 2012 African Banjo Safari!

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