Lakota 3 inch Non-Cradle Strap

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Lakota Leather Banjo Straps - Made of soft comfortable American raised Bison leather in the USA
Standard 3 inch Leather Banjo Strap "Non Cradle"

Our 'non-cradle' banjo straps were designed for the player who doesn't like a 'cradle' strap. The non cradle straps attach to your banjo by utilizing two 'tail -sections' of bison leather. These two 'tail sections' are 3/4" wide and are at both ends of the main body of the strap. These individually loop around a single tension hook of your choosing and are secured back to themselves by a Chicago screw. A lot of folks ask us why they are more expensive than our standard "cradle" strap. The answer is because two 'tail sections' are used when making these straps instead of one. These straps are made of the same soft luxurious Bison hide as our standard cradle straps and will provide a lifetime of use!

      3 inch Chocolate          3 inch Tobacco

These made in the USA soft leather banjo straps made of bison leather arrive already soft and broken in. They have a really nice padded shoulder with the thin part being what shows which is an excellent design. The straps come in both cradle and standard and are safe and very comfortable. The cradle straps attach with Chicago screws which is a much better method in my opinion than using the leather string like all other cradle straps I've ever seen. I would recommend either the cradle design or the standard strap, both are comfortable, American leather which lasts forever and the straps are money back satisfaction guaranteed at"
. Ross Nickerson

Lakota Banjo Strap Attachment
On the Lakato straps, the width of the leather that attaches around the head tightening bracket is 3/4ths of an inch.

Also available in " Cradle" Design
3 inch "Cradle" 

Type of banjo this strap fits
This NON-CRADLE leather Lakota banjo stra
p works for heavier bluegrass banjos with a flathead tone ring and one piece flange and resonator. It does not fitr most open back banjos or lighter weight banjos with resonators that do not have  a one piece flange.
For banjos like that use
this leather banjo strap for open back banjos


  • 3 inch Non Cradle Chocolate
  • 3 inch Non Cradle Tobacco

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Aug 8, 2015
High Quality Straps
: The quality of craftsmanship is second to none. It looks good, is incredibly comfortable and fits the banjo perfectly. Highly recommended.

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