Smart Phone Tuner App Clip to use with Phone Tuner Apps

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Smart Phone Tuner App Clip

Noise free instrument tuning when using a Tuner App on your phone!

This is a great item but it is no longer made or sold. Rusty the Intellitouch owner retired. His company Onboard Research invented the clip-on tuner! That was mid to late 90's. A million companies in China eventually took the idea and onboard tuners became a dime a dozen. I'm sure he got tuired of it.
This was his last great invention. Noise free tuning when using a smart phone as an instrument tuner.
Really not sure why these didnt catch on more. Makes your tuner on your the phone outside noise resistant.

I've got a few left. while they last.

This GoTune AppClip isolates and blocks out other instruments playing for quicker "noise free " accurate tuning with a Tuner App on your phone.

The GoTune AppClip is perfect for tuning in noisy environments or times where absolute accuracy is required. It's easy to use - simply clip the AppClip onto your instrument, plug it into your SmartPhone, and fire up your favorite tuning app.

It works great with any electronic tuner app on IPhone, Android or other Smart Phone Device. Works great for guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, violin/fiddle and even trumpet, trombone and all other instruments you want to connect your smart phone tuner app clip to for noise free tuning.

  • Use with IPhone, Android or other Smart Phone Device Tuner App
  • Use with any Instrument,
  • Isolate your Instrument in Noisy environments
  • No Batteries Required
  • iOS and Android Compatible
  • Covers All Audible Frequencies
  • Cable Organizer Included

81% of musicians questioned, indicated they would rather use their smart phone for tuning, rather than a separate tuner.

The AppClip isolates the vibrations of your instrument, and processes them into the best possible format for your phone or tablet. The GoTune AppClip works with all popular tuning Apps such as: Martin Guitar Tuner, TonalEnergy, Cleartune, Tunable, ProTuner, Guitar Tuna, insTuner, String Tuner, Coach Tuner, n-Track Tuner, and many more!

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