Planet Waves PW-CT-12 Micro Mini Headstock Banjo Tuner

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Planet Waves PW-CT-12 Micro Mini Headstock Banjo Tuner

Planet Waves Mini Headstock Tuner - Highly precise tuner for a wide range of instruments
These tuners are great for banjo, by making it small it clips on to the back of the banjo peghead and you can barely see it at all from the front. It blends in with the peghead and is very small. The light is easy to see behind the peghead and the tuner does not need to be removed to fit in the case.

Having a tuner sticking off your banjo neck while you're playing is frankly kind of lame, especially if you leave it on with an annoying green light flashing. I have started using these and the tuner function works really well too, and I can see it without glasses. It fits in the case without removing it if you want too, great idea. thanks, Ross

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  • Highly precise tuner for a wide range of instruments
  • The miniscule design and reversible screen allow the tuner to hide effortlessly behind or mount on the front side of the headstock while permitting the tuner to remain clamped to the instrument inside most cases when stored.
  • Highly compact design enables discrete tuning and is small enough to leave on every instrument you own - get one for each case!
  • Extremely accurate chromatic tuning based on vibration, no sound or cable input required
  • Easy-to-read color changing display is clear and visible in bright & dark environments
  • Innovative 360 degree swivel and adjustable ratchet mechanism for placement on both left and right-handed instruments
  • Maximum battery life is provided by the auto-off function, shutting the tuner off automatically after several minutes of no signal.

Aug 5, 2017
Best tuner I have found yet
After having tried many tuners, I have found this one to be the best in all aspects. It is very accurate and also is not bulky at all. Great all around!!!!

Jun 1, 2017
Used this mini tuner for several months now. Really like that it is kept out of audience view so as not to distract, because I like to keep it on for a quick tune. It seems to be more accurate than others I have tried. You know how the banjo head picks up ambient tones from other instruments. This tuner performs much better under those conditions. Thanks for the variety of good stuff you continue to bring to your site. Dennis

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