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The Deering Goodtime II is a great bluegrass banjo to learn on and its the only beginner banjo that is american made in its price range. Even with the resonator its super light and easy to play. They look great and feel good in your hands. My students that have them seem to really be drawn to them which as a teacher that means a lot to me. Thanks, Ross Nickerson

Ross Nickerson - owner of
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Comes with an official Deering Gig Bag 
Special Banjo Head Tightening T wrench Sold By Deering for Goodtime Banjos for $10.95 is included free at with any Goodtime Banjo. 
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Deering beginner banjos with closed back wood resonator for playing and learning bluegrass banjo 5-string 3 finger Scruggs style.  Deering banjos are American Made in California and have come up with a great Deering banjo to learn on that newbie beginning banjo students can start on without investing right away in a more expensive professional bluegrass banjo.

On this model the closed back wood resonator back provides more projection of sound than the Goodtime 1 and is more suitable for playing bluegrass music. These banjos are still light though and easy to learn on with plenty of volume and a clear bright tone.

Greg Deering designed the Goodtime banjos because there were no low priced banjos of enough quality for people to actually learn on without difficulty or giving up. He remembers what it was like to want a good banjo and not be able to afford one, so his gift to others is the Goodtime banjo line.

Ross Nickerson owner of with
Greg Deering founder and creator of Deering banjos

Nashville - 2016

FREE WITH THIS BANJO Beginner Banjo Package Deal

Our Beginner Banjo Package includes a Comprehensive 52 page Beginner Banjo Book with a two hour beginner banjo DVD and two audio CDs. You also receive a set of banjo picks, a clip-on chromatic banjo tuner, a spare set of banjo strings and a banjo strap.
Beginners Package - Retail value $79.00

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Free Banjo Beginners Package - Retail value $79.00
Your Beginner Banjo Package includes 52 page book with a two hour beginner banjo DVD and two audio CDs, a set of banjo picks, chromatic tuner, spare set of banjo strings and a banjo strap. Details
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Fundamentals of 5-String Banjo Book/DVD/CD  $29.95 value FREE with purchase.

Immediate Access to Ross Nickerson's Beginner Banjo Lessons Online  so you can begin learning the banjo even before your banjo arrives. a 12.95 value
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Your banjo comes with a free padded banjo gig bag.


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Resonator of Blond Maple
Black Binding
Durable Satin Finish

Blonde Slender Rock Maple Neck
22 Pressed In Nickel Silver Frets
Exotic Wood Bowtie Inlays
Geared Tuners
Geared 5th String Tuner
Sealed Geared Guitar Tuners
Durable Satin Finish
Deering Fiddle Shaped Peghead

3-ply Violin Grade Goodtime Maple Rim
11 3 Frosted Top High Crown Head
Steel Tension Hoop
16 Bracket Shoes
16 Flat Hooks with 9/32 3 Hex Nuts
Patented Goodtime Tailpiece
2 Piece Flange
Nickel Plated Armrest
Nickel Plated Hardware

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Aug 25, 2015
this MUST be your banjo weapon of choice
Trust me folks, if you are a beginner through full-on intermediate player, this MUST be your banjo weapon of choice. Nothing even comes close at this price point by ANY other manufacturer...believe me, I've played them all! Sure, you can find a slightly "cheaper" banjo, but the couple bucks you save will NOT be worth what you will sacrifice in fit, finish, quality, playability, durability, and above all TONE! The GoodTime 2 even plays/sounds better than a VAST majority of other manufacturer's models costing hundreds (or even thousands) more! The GoodTime 2 is just one more reason that Deering has been played all over the world for decades. It's a hand's down winner!

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