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These Deering Banjo These Banjo stand made by Deering Banjos are great for both open back and resonator wood back banjos.  They are made of wood, look great and are safe and sturdy.

This a custom wood banjo stand made just for banjos by Cooperstand. The wood type is African Sapele Mahogany. I've tested these on both open back old time clawhammer banjos and bluegrass banjos with resonators or (wood closed backs).

Here are some more points and specs.

  • Compact…folds down small enough to fit into many gig bags and instrument cases. This makes traveling with one much more convenient.
  • Protects finish on your banjo…because it is made of wood, there are no metal pieces that can scratch or damage your banjo finish.
  • Stable construction… the stable, lower profile prevents running into the banjo stand, causing possible damage to the instrument.
  •  Enhanced aesthetics…the wooden stand is beautifully crafted to enhance the home or studio environment.

These stands made just for banjos are recommended. They have a low center of gravity which is needed for banjo stands and look great too.

Sorry Deering no longer carries these


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