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Which Banjo Thumpicks Do you Recommend?

Which Banjo Thumpicks Do you Recommend?

QUESTION: I recently decided to start using a thumbpick after years without. Still going without fingerpicks (I also play ukulele and nylon guitar). Also I have moved to a higher bridge - 11/16".

So the standard thumbpick is a little too long. I cut one down so the tip extends 5mm -6mm below the outer shell of the thumbstrap. It's pretty good, though I may want to take even more off.

Which picks do you recommend that are close to this measurement? I'd like to find one I can use out of the box without cutting down. I'm out of business if I lose this one pick right now.

Also do you sell single strings? I am doing my own sets in D and E below the regular G. Can I order 5 or so in a gauge?



Hi Jonathan,

We don't sell individual strings, sorry about that. GHS banjo strings has a lot of string gauge options though.

Most Thumbpicks for banjo the blades are too long for banjo. I guess the dunlop banjo thumbpicks are shorter. cutting them down is smart and pretty common too.

I cut mine down. Since in my opinion all thumbpick blades are too long for banjo, a better strategy be to find a thumbpick you like and get good at trimming them the way you like them.

Ross Nickerson
( )==='==~

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