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Work on your timing and rhythm with this loud and easy to read Snark Metronome.

This new Snark metronome works great for banjo. It's low priced, has a lot of features and fits in your case too.

I know a lot of people are using their Iphone or Smart phone as a metronome is these days but I don't personally recommend that for 3 reasons, none of which are so I can sell you a metronome. My thought process is a teacher's perspective.
1. I'd rather drop or knock over something made of hard plastic then my expensive phone.
2. Handling an Iphone with picks on is not easy. Believe me I try it all the time.
3. Maybe turning off the phone when you practice isn't such a bad idea.

This Snark metronome has some great features too like six sounds which include wood block which is my favorite. Also cowbell, (I could use a little more cowbell and..... are you kidding me, Dog Bark? I wont be using that one, but the block of wood sound is good and avoids my least favorite metronome sound which is BLEEP BLEEP.

Since I'm already trying to reason with you that metronomes are EXTREMELY helpful to your banjo playing and not annoying to use, no one needs annoying beep signals to send them away from metronomes for ever!

It has a headphone jack too. That's a great feature and I recommend using headphones. Headphones help you to differentiate between the sounds better and lock in your timing easier.

Anyway if you aspiring banjo pickers haven't heard this enough lately, practicing banjo with a metronome is the single most effective weapon in the pursuit of playing good banjo. Don't avoid the simplest solutions.
Thanks, Ross -
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Banjo Timing and Using a Metronome

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Apr 18, 2020
Best accessory I've bought
I guess I never knew how bad I needed a metronome until I got one.I can't compare this one to others, because it's the only metronome I've owned (besides a phone app, which really seems inferior), but I can say that it has helped me clean up my playing. It forces me to wait for the beat instead of rushing through the parts I know, and it gives me the urgency to work through the things I'm still learning.I use it mainly to give me a reasonable pace to learn new rolls and measures that I can increase as my skills develop. But I think I'll find it useful long after I've built up my repertoire just to keep my timing clean.Jim
HI Jim. I'm so glad to hear you say that. I don't think there is a more important tool than a metronome to banjo players. That holds true whether you are a brand new student or a professional banjo player. The best ones use one. Unfortunately of all the tools and accessories I carry at, metronomes are one of the least purchased or utilized. Keep up the good work! Thanks again, Ross Nickerson

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