Goodtime and Artisan Banjo Replacement Planetary Tuning Pegs

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Planetary Tuning Pegs for Deering Goodtime and Artisan Banjos

Replacement set of FOUR Planetary Geared Banjo Tuning Pegs for Deering Goodtime and Goodtime Artisan Banjos.

Upgrade your Deering Good Time banjo by replacing the standard guitar type tuners with a replacement set of FOUR Planetary Geared Banjo Planet Tuning Pegs made by Deering for Deering Good Time Banjos.

  • Deering geared tuning pegs made for Deering Goodtime Banjos.
  • Has a white pearloid button and splined shaft
  • Has a flat screw for adjusting the torque on the peg.

Nothing says "beginner banjo" more than a banjo with guitar tuners. Only low priced beginner banjos use guitar tuners. Not only do planetary geared banjo tuners make your banjo look like a banjo but they can be reached much easier and they are more accurate. It's without a doubt a very smart and worthy upgrade.

The main  difference between a Deering Good Time banjo and a Deering Good Time Artisan is the planet pegs and the color... and the approximately $300 difference in price. This upgrading of the tuners on a Good Time banjo brings you equal to an artisan in functionality.


  • Set of 4 Pegs - NO 5th String Peg
  • Set of 4 pegs WITH 5th String Peg Banjo Supplies Satisfaction Guarantee

15 day satisfaction guarantee on ALL Banjo Supplies. Try it and if for any reason you want to exchange or return, No Problem!


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