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Orrin Star's Flatpicking Primer What The Tab Won't Tell You

Subtitled "What the Tab Won't Tell You," this DVD and its accompanying 23-page transcription book are designed for the guitar player who already has some knowledge of guitar chords, rhythm, and perhaps even lead styles outside of the flatpicking realm (fingerstyle, classical, blues, rock, etc.). If you already know how to play the guitar, but are not familiar with the flatpicking style and repertoire, then this DVD is for you!

In this DVD Orrin Star teaches you the fundamentals of flatpicking in great detail focusing specifically on the technique and articulation. Orrin’s masterful presentation of right-hand technique will help you overcome the common hurdles that many who are new to flatpicking tend to encounter. He also emphasizes the special characteristics of the flatpicking technique and style to include how to develop the "fiddle tune" feel and groove. Orrin's presentation on left-hand technique will also help you smooth out your playing by "squeezing the juice" out of every note. Orrin teaches all technical details in the context of learning songs from the flatpicking repertoire.


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