Rock Solid Banjo Timing and Backup Tips Online DVD Version

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Rock Solid Banjo Timing and Back Up Banjo Instruction DVD
By Ross Nickerson

Online DVD Version
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Learn and improve your banjo timing and then receive valuable instruction and demonstrations on playing banjo backup with Ross Nickerson's Rock Solid Banjo Timing and Backup DVD. 

When you boil it all down, understanding and executing proper timing on the banjo is the foundation of everything you play. Perhaps if you played the fiddle you might be able to get by playing a melody slightly loose on the timing of where the melody notes should be placed, but, on the banjo where we have no ability to sustain a note, just like a drum, producing a proper rhythm to weave the melody in to is critical. One of the challenges banjo students face is playing primarily in 4/4 time with three fingers. This leads to all kinds of potential misunderstandings where the beat is. Let me help you to create your own internal metronome and move you further past this hurdle once and for all. Yes you can learn rhythm and timing. Saying I was born without rhythm is the biggest excuse in the world and frankly is no excuse. Everyone learns it! I'm here to teach it.

Ross has simplified learning timing and teaches it to you in a way that you can not only understand but implement into your playing right away. Now you have captured on video through instruction and demonstrations the proven methods on timing and backup used in Ross Nickerson's best selling banjo book The Banjo Encyclopedia " Bluegrass Banjo from A to Z" and a whole lot more. This DVD instruction is guaranteed to help you get to the next level in your progress and immediately have an impact on everything you play.

The Backup section of the DVD is more comprehensive than the title implies with secrets on backing vocals, instrumentals, tricks for playing back up and more.

Ross also demonstrates the classic Scruggs' Style Backup licks broken into full song chord progression exercises so you can practice them in context and really get the feel.

Rock Solid Banjo Timing and Backup is really like getting two DVDS in one.

Free Banjo Lesson Video Excerpt from Rock Solid Timing and Backup

Eight More Miles to Louisville on banjo - Ross Nickerson

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Read below and view all the chapters, demonstrations and material Ross Covers on this Two hour plus DVD.

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All the DVD Chapters and techniques covered on this DVD listed below Includes Tab Book

DVD Chapters Included
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Ross Nickerson Introduction and Overview
The Importance of Counting / Using a Metronome
Counting a long with the metronome
Playing along with the metronome
Demonstration /Playing solid quarter notes
Adding Eight Notes
Demonstration / Combination of quarter and eighth notes
More Complex Timing
Counting and Playing
Timing Examples Intro
Timing Example 1
Timing Example 2
Timing example 3
Counting out the beats in tablature
Moving away from the basics
More advanced metronome settings
Fretting hand exercises with the metronome
Fretting hand exercise demonstration 1
Fretting hand exercise demonstration 2
Fretting hand exercise demonstration 3
Fretting hand exercise demonstration 4
Practicing changing chords in time
Blackberry Blossom Vamping Exercise / A Part only Adding bounce to your rolls
Metronome Tips and Techniques
Backward roll using a fast click
Muting the strings while practicing
Playing in ¾ Time
Demonstration ¾ time
Triplet example
Shortin’ Bread / Medium Speed
Shortin’ Bread / Slower Speed
Learning Shortin’ Bread
Rock Solid Timing Review

Playing Backup Tips and Exercises

Ross Nickerson Introduction
Using the Chord Shapes
Chord Shape Exercises
Chord Shape Exercise 1
Chord Shape Exercise 2
Chord Exercise Tips
Chord Shape Exercise 3
Chord Shape Exercise 3 / Faster
Switching Freely Between Chords
Backing up Instrumentals
Demonstration / Backing a Fiddle
Backing a Guitar
Backing up Vocals / Using Dynamics
Playing Away from the Bridge in Backup
Muting the Strings
Blackberry Blossom / Medium Speed
Blackberry Blossom / Slower Speed
Practicing Changing Chords
Bass Runs
Backing up a Vocal Song
Rolling in My Sweet Baby’s Arms
Backup Fills
Using 7th Chords in Backup

Tablature Demonstrations
Verse and Chorus Backup Example
Scruggs Backup Lick Exercise
Siding into D Position Backup Lick Exercise
Scruggs’ Six White Horses Backup Lick Exercise
Scruggs Boogie Woogie Backup Lick Exercise
Fiddle Backup Example Exercise, Faster Speed
Fiddle Backup Example Exercise, Slower Speed
Slow Back Up Using Triplets Exercise
Picking Hand Part for Slow Backup Exercise
Fretting Hand Part for Slow Backup Exercise
Slow Backup Exercise Using Both Hands
Lead in Notes and Passing Tones
Lead in Notes and Passing Tones Exercise
Turn Around’s
Turn Around Example
Review and Closing Remarks

Special Features

Ross Nickerson Performance Videos

Eight More Miles to Louisville
Version 1
Version 2

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