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Gold Tone OB-3 Professional Banjo "The Twanger"
Hey Ross, I received my OB3 Friday. This thing sounds Great!! Thanks so much for the advice and the ...
Gold Tone OB-250 Plus
I bought this GoldTone OB 250+ last summer and am finally getting around to review it, as it feels l ...
Gold Tone IT-250R - With Resonator - 17 Fret Irish Tenor Banjo
Hi Ross, I got this banjo a year and a half ago at Banjoteacher as my first jump into playing I ...
Deering Nylon Banjo Strap - Strap for Goodtime Banjos
Ross contacted me about fitting this strap to the Good time 1. Strap works fine. Decent Strap and Ro ...
Gold Tone Banjola Plus with Pickup Installed Standard
Hi Everyone at Banjo Teacher - I received my shipment about an hour ago. Incredibly fast delivery f ...
The Banjo Encyclopedia "Bluegrass Banjo from A to Z" - By Ross Nickerson Special Edition Spiral Bound with Hard Copy CD
Hi, Ross. I just had to share my appreciation to you.As far as the Encyclopedia. I started w/ th ...
Gold Tone OB-250 Plus
Thanks Ross I love this banjo, the Gold Tone OB250 Plus. The sound and action are unbelievably bett ...

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    Gold Tone OB 250 Light Weight Banjo These are great sounding banjos and you can see they look really good too. Frankly I'm surprised I have not sold even more of these. This a fantastic innovation. Banjos are heavy, too heavy really, this wood rim produces a great sound without the bulky heavy feel of normal flat head tone ring banjos. This banjo is...
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    GoldTone BG-250F 5-String Banjo The BG-250F is the first professional 5 string banjo in our line. It is a vintage replica of the most famous banjo ever played in bluegrass music. All its parts are accurate reproductions of the original. In addition, we have added a maple neck, which brightens tone compared to the original mahogany necks.The BG-250F model...
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    Gold Tone BG-250 Banjo - Convertible Banjo Converts from a 5-string Bluegrass Banjo with Resonator to Open Back Banjo for Clawhammer and Old Time Styles Gold Tone BG 250 can quickly converted from 5-string Bluegrass Banjo with Resonator to Open Back Old Time and Clawhammer Banjo Styles by removing the resonator and flange attachments.. The BG 250 banjo...
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    Gold Tone Left Handed - OB-250-G Gold Plated BanjoOrange Blossom 250 Gold The Orange Blossom OB250-G (OB-250G) Left Handed Banjo in Gold Plating represents the staple of our bluegrass-style banjo line. It has been one of the highest selling banjos in the Gold Tone line for the last 15 years and is the basis of many inspired additions going above and...
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