Banjo DVD Reviews

Banjo DVD Reviews

Banjo DVD Reviews

Reviews for Playing Banjo by Ear and Learning the Chords and Banjo Jamming and Play Along DVD with included Learning the Chords Up and Down the Neck Video,

.......Thanks for the DVDs. Well, you have really done it now. These DVDs are what I have needed and been looking for nearly 20 years. My progress on the banjo is much faster now. .For many years, I have been wanting to learn how to keep a driving rhythm through a song. These DVDs explain and demonstrate exactly how to do that. Learning is much faster. Backup is easier and songs are easier to play by ear. Now I know what you meant when you used to say "I never play it the same way twice" and I was frustrated by that. How the hell can one learn something when the teacher never does it the same way twice? Now I know. I just wish I had learned these things at 30 or 40 rather than 70 (birthday 9/9/06). Great job Ross!

I won't go over all of the important features of the lessons but they have broken me out of the structured "playing by rote" box I had gotten into. (Thanks, in part, to some of the other instruction material which is widely sold.) The two and three string chords are a revelation, I have encountered some of them before, but not the concept of using them as chord families with the varieties of rhythms.

.....Just a note to let you know that your new DVDs, Jamming and Playing By Ear are great. What a helpful learning aid, to be able play along with one of the best musicians and teachers anytime I want (need). Superb help and many valuable thoughts and tips...the bonus track on the "jamming" DVD is worth the entire cost, especially to someone like myself (and grand-daughter) who are just novice on the banjo.
Not that your other teaching DVDs are not valuable, because they too are a truly great value and have served me well, but this format is so different from the mass of lessons on the market, it definitely is a jewel that stands alone.
Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us.

......Ross, I'm having a great time with the new DVD's. Having the slow, medium and fast versions is extremely helpful. The slow helps in getting the rolls down correctly. Then moving on to the medium speed helps with getting the rhythm down, and it seems to me to be easier to distinguish between the eighth notes and quarter notes at this speed. I was up to the fast speed in no time, although I still need quite a bit of practice to make it clean. I'm learning a lot from these DVD's in a short amount of time, which is key for me because I don't have a lot of time to practice.

........ I really like the video. I've had the Earl Scruggs book since I was a teen and always got bogged down in the tab. Playing chord style is much simpler. Especially since I already know all the Scruggs style rolls. Honestly, I think more people would play the banjo if they started out on the chords instead of tabs. I learned to play the mandolin by playing chords first.

.......Just to let you know I received my order of your two new DVD's and your book. Excellent! I can't stop practicing.
Also the Newletter is outstanding. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks!

.......I've watched the first DVD and it has helped a lot. I wanted to learn to eventually jam with others and be able to blend in and improvise when needed. So your DVD has been just what I was looking for. It was highly recommended on the Banjo Hangout . org website. Your Banjo Encyclopedia has been a great source of information also.

.....I got the 2 new DVD's today and I'm blown away! As far as I know, there isn't any other instruction material on the market that compares. The "Playing Banjo by Ear" lessons are a tool kit for understanding how playing the banjo really works. It's like that old saying about teaching a man how to fish rather than giving him a fish. I spent the evening playing through both of them. You are right................they have cleared up the questions I was asking. I also spent the weekend going back over the Banjo Encyclopedia again with a better understanding this time since my playing has improved a lot since I first read it early this year.

I now realize my main immediate goal is to get a lot more proficient with my roll patterns in conjunction with my chord changing abilities. These two DVD's along with the Songbook lessons are exactly what I need at this point in my learning journey. I have gathered up all of my other instruction material and consigned it to a spot in the closet for now. What I've received from you in the last week is all I'll need for some time!

.........Ross, I want to take just a moment to say thanks. I recently received your DVD, Banjo Jamming and Play Along. I've been playing for a couple of years now and had not made any progress with the chords or jamming. Your special section regarding the chord positions has been very helpful. It was fun to learn how to make and locate the chords in ten minutes! I will refer to my copy of the Banjo Encyclopedia to further build on my chord progress. Thanks for your teaching! Darrick Salyers

......Ross, I received the DVD's a few days ago and I feel compelled to let you know what I think of them. I own a good deal of training material from some of the best musicians (IMHO). You have hit a double homerun! The DVD's are excellent, whatever level you happen to be playing at. I was not aware of some timing issues until your play along DVD.

......Ross, your jamming lessons are great! I really enjoy practicing. My memory isn't the best since I am 64 years old now, but I will keep studying!

.......Your instruction is concise and very helpful causing immediate progress with a little effort and practice. I havent seen materials this good since I had the pleasure of finding Harold Streeter and his stuff. Keep it coming Ross, you have a student (customer) for as long as you continue to produce such excellent material.

.......Dear Ross, The quality of the Essential Licks DVD is second to none and the tab download alone is worth the price by its self as I haven't found much in the way of sources for many licks in the past. Good product. Many thanks, Dave Douglas

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