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Non Radiused Banjo Bridges

The Enterprise has enough strength to prevent breaking or excessive sagging under string tension. A slight tilt back toward the tailpiece not only helps prevent tipping, but it bisects the break angle and optimizes the string's downward pressure on the bridge. It has an ebony top that provides a hard surface that increases brilliance, won't easily wear out from string tension, and gives the top edge more strength to prevent collapsing. Enterprise maple is selected from our collection of antique hard maple, and only the wood with the proper density and grain specifications becomes an Enterprise
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The most distinctive Enterprise feature is its uniquely curved top edge. This shape is hand sanded into each bridge to provide accurate scale length compensation for medium and light gauge string sets. The need for compensation varies with each banjo but is especially pronounced when you are using a .013 or larger non-wound third string. If you are using a wound third string or some other non-standard set, specify this when ordering.

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