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Nick Picks - Best Tone and Comfort
I recently had ordered a pair of these picks, and was so impressed, I ordered another. I have been p ...
All Leather Strap - Resonator or Open Back
A great strap for banjo. Nice and slim and very comfortable. I use it over right shoulder only. High ...
Banjo Mate Tone Enhancer - Nickel Plated
I just want to say, that this ordered BanjoMate Tone Enhancer works really great!!! My 25 year old E ...
Recording King Banjo - RK- R75 - The Elite
Ross, I have received my order and am extremely satisfied . I have started studying "The Banjo Enc ...
Cam D-Tuners for Banjo - Cheat-A-Keys
We received our cheat-a- keys today around noon and have them installed ,,They work great,,,,, Thank ...

This Page is for Members Site Logging in FAQ 

There are 3 separate possible things to log in to

1. For customer shopping cart accounts 
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2. Members Only Site Logging In FAQ
3. Online Lessons Log In Access FAQ


Your Customer/Shopping cart account, The Members Only Site Log in and any Online Banjo Lessons purchased are three separate entities. Please read below.

Log In: Members Only Site

If you are a paid subscriber or received a free membership to the Members Only Site at
You would have been issued by email a username and password. Like this username:doejohn password:memberxxx
Log in to the Members Site with this link below.
Important Distinction: You do not log in to any purchased Online Lessons or E-Books through the Members Only Site. Read below

Members Only Site

Log In: Purchased Online Lessons or E-Books

For logging into any purchased Online Lessons or E-Books, refer to the access instructions you downloaded after purchase or received from us by email after purchase.
Note: Unlike the members only site Online Lessons have no expiration date however the system in your shopping cart account only allows you a certain amount of downloads of the access instructions. Its important that you save them, but, if you have any difficulties whatsoever please do not hesitate to call or email us if you need them again.

Log In: Customer/Shopping Cart Account 

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